BuildMode (Lobby Servers) 3.3

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Protect your lobby servers! 1.8+
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#Made by BGHDNetwork(Noodles) & BGHDNetwork(The_Emerald_Pig)[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
[SIZE=7][FONT=Droid Sans][COLOR=rgb(44, 44, 44)]#=======================================================
#Plugin Page:
  Enabled: true
#Enables if there is a message on-join when the plugin is outdated.
#/build - buildmode.toggle
#/build (playername) - buildmode.others

InvalidUsage: "&cIncorrect usage! Use this command like this: /build <player>"
NoPermission: "&c(!) You do not have permisson to use this command!"
OfflinePlayer: "&cYou can not toggle BuildMode for a offline player!"
Enabled: "&7You have &aEnabled &7BuildMode!"
Disabled: "&7You have &cDisabled &7BuildMode!"
EnabledOther: "&7You have &aEnabled &7BuildMode for &e%player%"
DisabledOther: "&7You have &cDisabled &7BuildMode for &e%player%"

Latest updates

  1. Fixes

    Changes: Fixed events being registered 2 times due to the recode. Neatened up the config Fixed...
  2. Small Fixes

    Sorry for no updates on this in a while been busy. Changes: Cleaned up code Removed some unused...
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