Witched - Unique Game! [1.9 to 1.13] 1.0.9

Witched is a new game unique game inspired by MOBA games.
Witched is a new game inspired by League of Legends. This plugin comes with a lot of features and special items. The goal of this game is to destroy the other team their boss. On the way to the boss, there are protectors that protect your boss and towers to destroy. Everytime you kill a protector you get gold, with this gold you can buy upgrades for your spells, mana and health. There are multiple champions/kits with complete custom designed spells and passive abilities. This plugin is highly customizable and has an API so you can create your own champions and upgrades.



  • Highly customizable
  • Color codes & placeholders
  • Easy commands & permissions
  • No dependencies
  • API to add your own champions
  • Optimized for any kind of server (Survival-, MiniGame-, Factions server, ...)
  • Multi version (1.9 to 1.13)
  • Language file
  • Game features:
    • Custom Champions, Spells and Upgrades
    • Minions that walk to the other team
    • Mana, gold per player
    • Easy to setup
    • Unlimited maps
    • Rename the game
    • Respawn timer
    • Spell countdown
    • Tower radius damage
    • Create your own scoreboard
    • Team chat
    • Set the health of the bosses, etc.
    • Disable any champion or spell
    • Execute commands for the winners
    • Per Champion & Upgrade permissions



  • Fix all bugs within 24h (Ill try my best)
  • Suggestions are always welcome

#                #
#    Witched     #
#     ----       #
#  Config File   #
#                #

# Welcome to your Witched config file.
# In this file, you can edit a lot of aspects of the game.
# This way, you can make your game stand out!
# Please DO NOT touch the 'version' option.
# A list of supported languages can be found on the market page.
# Server-wide is recommended for minigame networks who use Bungeecord,
# this will als disable all player permissions.

version: 1.2
language: 'EN'
server-wide: false

# General settings are used generally everywhere.
# You can use these tags to rename the game
# or edit the color scheme of the game prefixes.

    name: '&6&lWitched'
    prefix: '&6&lWitched&8&l:&3'

# These are the settings which are used in the lobby before the game.
# Before the game starts, players are send to the lobby
# spawnpoint. Then if it reaches the minimum amount of players
# the timer will start counting down to start the game.
# SetMapOn will choose a random map on the given time and announce it,
# this should be maximum 10 seconds.
# The scoreboard uses placeholders, you can find these on the market page.

    spawnpoint: 'world, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0'
    time: 60
    min-players: 2
    max-players: 10
    setmapon: 5
        - '&m[]----------[]'
        - '&3&lStart'
        - '{time}'
        - ''
        - '&3&lMap'
        - '{map}'
        - ''
        - '&3&lChampion'
        - '{champion}'
        - ''
        - '&3&lTeam'
        - '{team}'
        - ''
        - '&3&lPlayers'
        - '{players}'
        - '&m[]---------[]'
# The game settings are important to make your game stand out and be unique.
# The gold and mana rate is how much gold or mana they should get
# each time frame. Respawn time is the time players take to respawn.
# Each boss, tower and protector have a set amount of health and
# speed (except the boss, they stand still).
# The towers also do damage to the other team once they enter the
# towers' radius. The amount of damage can be specified on the
# 'damage' option. The protector also has a distance and spawnrate.
# Distance can be maximum 16 blocks.
# Win rewards are commands that will be executed on each win.
# {winner} is the only placeholder, this returns the winner.
    team-chat: false
        respawn-time: 8
        kill-gold: 4
        start-max-mana: 600
        gold-rate: 1
        mana-rate: 6
        health: 300
        health: 175
        radius: 6
        damage: 1
        health: 30
        spawnrate: 30
        speed: 1.6
        gold: 2
        - '&m[]----------[]'
        - '&3&lTeam'
        - '{team}'
        - ''
        - '&3&lTime'
        - '{time}'
        - ''
        - '&c&lRed Boss'
        - '{red-health} Health'
        - ''
        - '&b&lBlue Boss'
        - '{blue-health} Health'
        - '&m[]---------[]'
        - 'tell {winner} &c&lTo specify this command, acces the config.yml'

# These are the disabled champions and upgrades for this game.
# Add a champion or upgrade to this list to disable it ingame.
# There is a maximum of 9 upgrades possible, once there are more
# the game will automatically disable the last ones added.

disabled-champions: []

disabled-upgrades: []

# End of config of this config, easy uh?
# Thank you for using this plugin!
# Need support? Please contact me on Spigot or McMarket.


  • witched.player: All player sided commands
  • witched.admin: All Admin sided commands
  • witched.champions.<name or * for all>: Per champion permission
  • witched.upgrades.<name or * for all>: Per upgrade permission
I've created an API people who want to add Custom Champions & Upgrades. Current features for the API:

To create a custom champion (or upgrade):
  1. Create a champion class that extends Champion
    Note: You still have to give the armor in 'addItems'
  2. Add the spells that your champion has in order
    To create a spell, create a class that extends Spell
  3. In your onEnable, add the champion to the champion list
    Example: Witched.getKits().addKit(KitItem item)
    A kit item takes the champion class, etc
As for events I created:
  • GameEndEvent: When the game ends
  • GameJoinEvent: If a player joins
  • GameLeaveEvent: If a player leaves
  • GameResetEvent: After the game ends
  • GameStartEvent: When the game starts
More info about API will follow soon.


You can contact me through a PM on Spigot, McMarket or you can leave a comment on the discussion form! Thanks for checking this out!
Want to see this work live?
PM me or join the discord!


Latest updates

  1. Language File FIX

    Important language file fix. Please remove your language file & restart your server!
  2. Language File

    Added language file Started work on multiple lobbies at once
  3. New Champion & Permissions

    Added champion: NoName Changed how permissions work, there are now permissions per Champion and...

Latest reviews

very good plugin to use for minigame servers or rpg kind of servers
Thanks :)
EXCELLENT plugin, perfect for the League of Legends lovers out there! This resource is actively maintained and the developer is extremely experienced. Support is also fast and high-quality. Recommended!
Thanks a lot! Appreciate it :)



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