Reward players from voting!
- Stop the server if it is running.
- Move the plugin to the plugins folder along with the dependencies and all the soft-dependencies you need.
- Start the server and wait for the voterewards to load completely
- Stop the server and do the first configuration.

Please read me:
(Nu)Votifier must be properly installed for VoteRewards to work. If you are not sure what it is and what it does and how you install it you can search in a search engine. Under no circumstances will assistance be provided in the installation of the (Nu)Votifier. A perfect tool to try (Nu)Votifier installation is

Vote Rewards is a simple plugin to reward your players when they vote for your server. Vote Rewards contains many features like fakevote or voteparty. I promise that the Vote Rewards will not cause problems to your server and if you have a bug you can report it to the Discussion section or send me a private message

Please read the wiki or send me a dm before leaving a bad review.
Read the wiki here
Source code here
Report Issues here

Versions: 1.8 - 1.18 PAPERSPIGOT ONLY
It may also work in Spigot and other Spigot distributions such as TacoSpigot, Purpur and others!
Make sure to save your config & lang configuration files before doing an update.
Plugin is compiled on latest PaperSpigot 1.16.5.


Commands and Permissions

Default config


Developer API

Github Issues
[or add me in discord GeorgeV22#3200]

Any bug report in reviews section will be ignored!

Resource is paid again but if you don't want to support me or you don't have the money to purchase it download it from GitHub
I will give support to everyone who have issues with my plugin (except forks)

Latest updates

  1. Java 8 and latest changes

    R-Moved maven, colors, database and inventory packages to Externals. R-Moved Utils to api...
  2. Fixes and additions

    A-Added new placeholders to holograms. A-Added notNull assertion to...
  3. New features and fixes!!

    65bd20c: A-Added VoteInventory 37be5ef: F-Fixed DeveloperInformListener C-Some more tests to...

Latest reviews

It seems good but there's no reload command. Also there is no documentation or tutorial for the config which is very confusing. This is advertised as a simple plugin and maybe it seems simple to you because ur the one who coded it.
You can always contact me on discord or open an issue on github for help.
You can use ./voterewards reload to reload the config values but keep in mind some of them needs server restart.
Great plugin and support :)
Everything works but there is no documentation on permissions, or how to make the holograms
Hey, thank you for your review. I'm sorry about the lack of information but right now I'm on the navy so i don't have a lot of time!! I'll try my best!!

Please check the new wiki at github:
Excellent customer support, got back to me ASAP about my issue and helped me fix it. Love this plugin. Is exactly what I was looking for and failed to find in other plugins. Very easy to use and works. 10/10 Donate/buy if you can because this is worth it ( and the creator is wonderful and deserves that ). =)
Thank you very much for your kind words.
If you need anything, let me know ^-^
Perfect vote rewards plugins with a lot of customisation features which allowed us to tailor it to what our player base wanted!
Thank you for your review and for everything else ^-^
George is very willing to help and plugin is great needs more stars then 5
Thank you for your review.
Plugin so good i got a life and a girlfriend after downloading it. 11/10
Thank you for your review bro.
you made my day
Nice, stable vote reward plugin with a lot of good features. In a past version, it was possible to configure the amount of people shown with the /vtop command. Is this still doable? Or can it be reimplemented?
Thank you for your review!
this feature was removed as I thought no one was using it. I will put it again in a future update
Really simple to configure i hope you keep updating it! <3
Thank you for your review! When i have time i will update it
Great plugin, great developer. The kind of developer you for sure need.
Thank you for your kind words!!



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