LiteBans | EssentialsX | AdvancedBan - PunishGUI | UnPunishGUI | StaffGUI 2.3.1

[3 Designs] LiteBans | EssentialsX | AdvancedBan - PunishGUI | UnPunish |StaffGUI
Litebans | EssentialsX | AdvancedBan - PunishGUI | UnPunishGUI | StaffGUI

This is a configuration of "MyCommands" which has been coded from scratch and tested numerous times.

Works with BungeeCord | Waterfall
Ability to use multiple Designs at once!

This configuration is so amazing because you can edit every part of it and make your server unique.

Main command:

/punish <Player> (Reason)
This command is used regardless of which group your staff member is assigned to.

Individual commands (you may use them, but for convenience use the main command (/punish)):

In the examples below you can see specific GUIs' executed. But since update 2.2.0, you may only use "/punish" to access GUI to which you have permissions for.​

/apunish <Player> (Reason) - Admin side GUI

Looks the same as in Litebans config.

/mpunish <Player> (Reason) - Moderator side GUI

Looks the same as in Litebans config.

/jpunish <Player> (Reason) - Jr.Moderator side GUI

Looks the same as in Litebans config.

/hpunish <Player> (Reason) - Helper side GUI

Looks the same as in Litebans config.

GUI Design.

List of punishments. (A bit outdated.)

This Design is made to work alongside your anti-cheat to ban players for a specific reason that was shown by your anti-cheat

Since 2.0.5

Command - /unpunish <player>
Support for Advancedban will be added in the future.

This configuration is tested and works well. Although some changes are planned in the future.

/Moderaion - Staff general commands.

Current design of /moderation

/freeze <Player> - This command is added with "Freeze" plugin and in /punish GUI you can freeze a player by clicking on their head.

Example Of Punishment

This video is using outdated styling. For new styling check videos above.

Not Sure How To Install?

Do not worry, if you're having any issues when installing this configuration please contact me on mc-m and I will help you out with any issues!​

(In the downloaded file you will find all plugins and configurations, just drop them in your plugin folder and everything should work!)​

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Latest reviews

Great Plugin, and Amazing Support!
immaculate setup, highly recommend
Amazing work. Exactly as described and works flawlessly. :)
Been using for a while now and couldn't go back.
Best punish GUI plugin! It's so easy to customize and the author gives frequent updates too. would highly recommend!
Thanks you so much for your review.

Glad to heart that you're enjoying this configuration!
Love it, works great, Best add-on I every got.

Thanks for the review.
Amazing configuration. Glad you kept all the versions all in one file and have ReadMe files. I did notice that Simple commands for 1.7.10 does not work for me (not a big deal, ill use advanced). Overall, amazing gui.
Hey there,

Thanks for the review.

For any issues in the future contact me on mc-m direct messages.

Regarding 1.7.10 issue. I will look into it today or tomorrow and if I find something that is broken I will update it as soon as I can .
Amazing! High quality work, if you do a little bit of configuration, it will look absolutely STUNNING. Would recommend =D. Their support is great aswell.
Thank you for your review!

We're currently working on adding more features and expanding the original code to have more features! When there will be 0 bugs and issues we will work towards styling for each config!

So you can expect tons of new features to be added as time goes by.
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