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Have you ever dreamed of having your very own money tree?
Have you ever dreamed of having your very own money tree? Well, now you can! With the all-new Money Tree plugin, you can be growing some mad cash!

This plugin allows you to plant and harvest all the money you can dream of. Planted as a simple tree, your money tree can expand into five tiers! Each consisting of customizable money and block types -- but that’s not all! Hate picking off all those dollar bills on the tree? Us too! The tree automatically harvests itself and puts the cash right in your pocket.

Have you been dreaming of this?

Well, now you get this!

  • VERY customizable (see example config below)
  • Only usable by the person who placed it
  • You can toggle on/off messages
  • Unbreakable tree
  • Receive X money every Y seconds for tier Z
  • You cannot place trees near each other
  • Players cannot get stuck in a tree
  • More to come!


  • /moneytree add [player] <amount>
  • /moneytree toggle
  • /moneytree reload
  • moneytree.toggle - toggle messages
  • moneytree.add - give trees to players
  • moneytree.break - break the tree
  • moneytree.reload - reload the plugin
#         MoneyTrees v1.0          |
#       Created by IAmColin        |

# Any questions? Contact me!
# Discord: IAmColin#3638
# MCM:

#             Settings             |
# item-name is the name of the item
# item-lore is the lore of the item
# item-id is the id of the physical item to spawn the money tree
# time-interval is the time before each money tree sends you the specified amount of money
# particles-allow is whether or not you want the money tree to have particles (tree/false)
# placeholders: none

  item-name: "&a&lMoney Tree"
  item-lore: "&7Your very own money tree!"
  time-interval: 20

#           GUI Settings           |
# gui-header is the header of the gui when you open the money tree
# exit-message is the message of the exit item
# money-currently-growing is the current amount of money the specified money tree is making (per time interval)
# cost-of-upgrade is the message of how much money it will cost to upgrade the the specified money tree
# remove-tree is the message of the remove tree option
# placeholders: %tier%, %money-per-collect%, %time-interval%, %upgrade-cost%

  gui-header: "&9&lMoney Tree Tier %tier%"
  exit-message: "&4&lExit / Leave"
  exit-message-lore: "&aClick to leave!"
  money-currently-growing: "&b&l$%money-per-collect% growing every %time-interval% seconds!"
  money-currently-growing-lore: "&aAuto collects to your inventory..."
  cost-of-upgrade: "&b&lThe next upgrade costs $%upgrade-cost%!"
  cost-of-upgrade-lore: "&aClick to upgrade!"
  remove-tree: "&c&lDig the money tree!"
  remove-tree-lore: "&aWarning: you will only get a tier 1 sapling"
#              Tiers               |
# name is the name of the tier
# lore is the lore of the tier
# money-per-collect is how much money the user will receive each time-interval
# upgrade-cost is the amount of money it takes to upgrade the tier
# block-id the id the block you want the tier to represent (will be placed on the tree)
# no-more-upgrades (for tier 5) is the message when there are no upgrades left
# placeholders: %money-per-collect%, %time-interval%

    name: "&b&lTier 1"
    lore: "&aGrows $%money-per-collect% every %time-interval% seconds"
    money-per-collect: 2500
    upgrade-cost: 150000
    block-id: LAPIS_BLOCK
    name: "&b&lTier 2"
    lore: "&aGrows $%money-per-collect% every %time-interval% seconds"
    money-per-collect: 7500
    upgrade-cost: 500000
    block-id: IRON_BLOCK
    name: "&b&lTier 3"
    lore: "&aGrows $%money-per-collect% every %time-interval% seconds"
    money-per-collect: 20000
    upgrade-cost: 700000
    block-id: GOLD_BLOCK
    name: "&b&lTier 4"
    lore: "&aGrows $%money-per-collect% every %time-interval% seconds"
    money-per-collect: 50000
    upgrade-cost: 1500000
    block-id: DIAMOND_BLOCK
    name: "&b&lTier 5"
    lore: "&aGrows $%money-per-collect% every %time-interval% seconds"
    money-per-collect: 150000
    no-more-upgrades: "&b&lYou have unlocked the highest tier!"
    no-more-upgrades-lore: "&aCongratulations!"
    block-id: EMERALD_BLOCK

#             Messages             |
# placeholders: %player%, %money-trees%, %upgrade-cost%, %money-per-collect% (some exceptions)
  no-reload-permission: "&cSorry! You don't have permission to reload the plugin."
  no-toggle-permission: "&cSorry! You don't have permission to toggle money tree messages."
  no-add-permission: "&cSorry! You don't have permission to add money trees."
  not-enough-money: "&cYou do not have enough money to upgrade your money tree."
  send-message: "&aYou have sent %player% %money-trees% money trees!"
  receive-message: "&aYou have received %money-trees% money tree!"
  create-message: "&aYou have successfully placed down a money tree!"
  remove-message: "&cYou have successfully removed your money tree to a tier 1 sapling!"
  too-close-message: "&cYou cannot place a money tree so close to another!"
  use-message: "&aOpening money tree menu..."
  purchase-message: "&aYou have successfully leveled up your money tree!"
  money-withdraw: "&a$%upgrade-cost% has been taken out of your account."
  collect-money: "&aYou grew $%money-per-collect% from your money tree!"
  toggle-collect-money-on: "&aYou can now see how much money you are growing!"
  toggle-collect-money-off: "&cYou can no longer see how much money you are growing!"
  break-tree-error-message: "&cYou aren't allowed to break money trees!"
  place-tree-too-high: "&cYou cannot place a money tree this high!"

This is my first plugin. Please enjoy!

PM me any problems/bugs with the plugin and I will fix them right away! Please do NOT use the rating system as a means to report a bug. Thanks!

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I love the idea of this plugin so far. I do see a few ways it could be customised more though! Persoanlly I'd like to be able to change the icons in the GUI for seeing how much money the tree generates/upgrading it. Another suggestion is being able to change how often you get money, for each tier. At the monent you can set this in general, but not per tier, so you can't have Tier 1 give $ every 30 seconds and then Tier 2 give $$$ every 2 minutes for example.
A lot of this plugin IS customiseable though - you can change what the blocks are that generate on the tree, what the tree sapling looks like, the messages etc.
God needs to install that to the irl server
I agree completely.
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