Skycade Ban GUI Recreation [1.8 - 1.13.2] [Essentials] 1.5

No permission to download
This is a recreation of Skycades punishment GUI

Litebans Port:

Please Note:
I am not affiliated in any way with the Skycade Network and this was just a fan project.

If there are any bugs and errors please report them to me in discord @DebitCardz#2506, or join my discord at

Please use Skript 2.3 [or higher] and
SkQuery for this skript to function as intended

You may reuse the skript for any purpose you want and may edit it with no reproductions, but adding my credits would be nice.

Servers that use this Skript:

[If you are using this skript and want your server here message me]

Thank you for viewing this!

Latest reviews

Does this work on bungeecord? also please update to 1.15.2 :)
I no longer maintain this, also you can set this up on every Spigot server and then get a bungeecord punishment system to manage that.
i love this punish gui because i do i dont have a reason :D
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