PRO DeathChest [1.8-1.18] ~ No more losing items after death ! 4.0.0

Give your players a chance to run back for their items when they died !

Latest updates

  1. Update 4.0.0

    Update 4.0.0 22nd December 2021 Added support for Spigot/Paper 1.18+
  2. Update 3.5.5

    Update 3.5.5 11th August 2021 Fixed issue with 'infinite looping' whilst creating deathchest in...
  3. Update 3.5.4

    Update 5.3.4 15th July 2021 Added DeathChestPreSpawnEvent to API This event allows to modify...

Latest reviews

This is a awesome plugin, I love it and my players love it as well, thanks!

PS: keep up hard work!
Nice Thanks! Good Job.
Thanks for DeathChestPro. Thanks for Premium Version Plugin. Recommend Plugin. Its Good Author.
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