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It shows you the health of your opponent in a nice and smooth way.
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factions health hfc pvp spigot
This plugin is basically what it says, it shows you the health of any player that you are hitting.

This plugin is better than any because it also shows the absorption hearts that the opponent has. The plugin is updated basically on any hit.

The health bar includes the following:
  • The bar will show the current hearts of the opponent
  • The bar will show the hearts that you will deal in the next hit.
  • The bar also shows the absorption hearts.
  • New features are coming soon! (any ideas are received)




Additional Information (Extra things):
  • This plugin includes a command called "/hbi reload", this just clears the heap memory.
  • The plugin also includes the command "/hbi test", this just shows your current health to test the plugin.
Bugs and improvements:
  • If you found any bug on the plugin, please report it and it will be fixed as soon as possible.
  • If you get an idea of a new feature please add it to the discuss section and I will try to add it.
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