ChatControlPro Improved Anti-Swear Filter 1.4

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Tired of players being able to bypass your ChatControlPro anti-swear filter? Try this!
Please Note:
This has not been tested with ChatControlPro v9+. Once a stable version has been released I would appreciate it if someone directly messaged me as to whether it still works or not so I can update or remove this message. I don't own a plugin-based server anymore so I cannot effectively test it.


This is an updated swear filter made to be stricter than the default settings, while preventing most false positives as well.

- Blocked "Bad" Words:
fuck, porn, horny, fag, faggot, hentai, slut, boob, pussy, vagina, penis, bastard, cunt, nigga, nigger, jerk, shit, rape, rapist, dick, cock, whore, bitch, asshole, titt, tits, intercourse, sperm, testicle, retard, anus, dafuq, fuq, tehfuq, binch (bitch bypass), prick, douche, prostitute, up your butt, up yo butt, fk, ass, asses, bypasses for dick & penis, swastika filter

- Not Blocked "Bad" Words
That can be uncommented to enable blocking:
deadass, aroused, idiot, anal, piss, sex, gay, lesbian, homo, homosexual, cum, pedo, damn
- Blocked "Bad" Acronyms:
kys, fyfi, milf, effing, mofo

- Not Blocked "Bad" Acronyms
That can be uncommented to enable blocking:

wtf, ffs, omfg, idgaf, stfu, bbs, tf, af, ftfw, bbfd, gtfo, kms, wtaf, wetf, wtfo, lmao, lmfao, dilligaf, jfgi, fyvm

- Unzip file using WinRAR, 7-Zip, or another compressor software.
- Create a backup of your old rules.txt and handlers.yml files.
- Replace your rules.txt and handlers.yml files from ChatControlPro with the ones in this resource.
- Restart your server.

This will not work for the free version of ChatControl. It requires ChatControlPro.

1. Need help with ChatControlPro? Check the ChatControlPro Wiki or directly message the developer via SpigotMC.
- Wiki:
- Developer:

2. Did you come across any false positives? Please report them by directly messaging me on

1. This is created for a server where England words like "wanker" aren't considered bad words. It will not block words that are considered bad words in England.
2. Some swear words are commented out by default because you may not want those words blocked or because they are used in many words and thus make it difficult to block all of the false positives. For example, "ass" is used in many words, so the advanced swear filter for "ass" has been commented out and replaced by a simplistic filter. The simplistic filter will only block "ass" and no bypasses such as "asss".

Terms of Use:
1. Do not distribute this setup elsewhere unless you have permission from me.
2. Do not take credit for this.


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Very Good, I use it on all my servers.
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