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[♜] MWEX' BATTLE PASS ➤ GUI | Config | Challenges | Layout Editor 2.8.0

Battle Pass Plugin with a lot of features and customization.

  1. Mwex
    Supported MC Versions:
    1.9.X - 1.14.X (1.8.X and lower is NOT supported)
    Req. Server Software:
    Spigot and PaperSpigot will work. Bukkit will not work!
    Welcome to the Battle Pass plugin! The plugin tries to trace the system behind Fortnite's Battle Pass and to copy it into Minecraft. You can make your own Battle Pass with as many tiers as you want. When players get a new tier, they can easily claim their rewards through a GUI. This allows your players to get an extra challenge on your server and allows you to reward them if they can level the Battle Pass far enough. This plugin also works with seasons. Take a look at all the features that this plugin has to offer for you!

    This plugin has several extensions:

    This resource is supported for 1.9.X to 1.14.X.
    (!) 1.8.X and lower is NOT supported (!)

    Do you want to see the plugin in action? Contact me and I will open a temporary server!

    ✪ Customize your Battle Pass ✪
    You can customize your Battle Pass to your needs. You can choose how many tiers you want, set the tier rewards and how the tier is presented in the GUI. The rewards are done through commands. You can choose how many commands you want to use. There's also an option to disable a tier for giving rewards. You also have some Placeholders you can use in your commands.

    Create challenges for your players and let them earn Battlepoints for their Battle Pass. There are many options to customize your challenges. You can make week-specific challenges and adjust the rewards (the rewards are Battle points to level up your Battle Pass). You have plenty of different types of Challenges, all explained in the Tutorial section. This makes the user experience even better and gives your players an extra challenge in your server. You can adjust the challenges to your belongings, so that it suits in your server (Factions, Prison, Survival, Skywars, Skyblock, ...)

    There is also the ability to create daily challenges. They work the same as the normal ones, but they get randomly picked every certain time (configurable). This really encourages players to get those daily challenges, since they do not want to miss one of them.

    Overview Menu / Week Selection
    A small overview menu lets you switch quickly from the Battle Pass menu and the Challenges Menu. There are 'Going Back' options in both those GUIs so there is a satisfying player experience!
    A week selection menu categorises every challenge per week. This is nice to get an overview on which challenges you still have to complete in a certain week.

    ✪ Change the messages ✪
    You can change almost every message that the plugin uses, so the plugin fits in your server. There are some messages you currently can't change, but those messages aren't very important and will not be sent to normal players. In some of the messages, you can use Placeholders.

    ✪ Adjust your seasons ✪
    Choose how long each season lasts, how many weeks there are in a season and set up a new Battle Pass for the next season. After every season, everyone's Battle Pass will be reset and the new Battle Pass will automatically load.

    ✪ A lovely GUI ✪
    Your players can claim their rewards through a lovely GUI that is very player friendly. They can see their stats, the rewards for every tier and how many tiers they actually achieved. The GUI attunes itself automatic, so if you want fewer tiers, the GUI will be smaller too. The player can easily see his advancements through the Battle and Free Pass on the base of colored glass that indicates which tier you already achieved (green glass), which tier is your next tier (yellow) and which tiers you didn't unlock yet (red).

    ✪ One is not enough ✪
    Every Battle Pass plugin I've seen (and there are not many of them) has only one sort of Pass: The Battle Pass. In Fortnite, there is also a Pass named the Free Pass. This plugin covers both, so you can make a Pass for players who didn't buy the Battle Pass and for player's who did.

    ✪ Battle Bundles ✪
    There are commands to reset a player's stats, to change a player's tier and to change a player's points. This makes possible to offer bundles to your players where you automatically get for example 25 tiers. Players could buy these bundles in your shop or either ingame. This opens many possibilities and offers staff members to easily edit players stats.

    ✪ Claim system ✪
    Every time you get a new tier, you don't get the rewards automatically. Player's can choose when they claim their rewards through a handy claim button in the GUI. This makes it possible that players can first empty their inventory to claim for example item rewards. If someone first gets 11 tiers and then buys the Battle Pass, he will get the permission to claim all the rewards from the Battle Pass from tier 1 to tier 11.

    ✪ YAML Editing ✪
    The plugin stores many things in YAML files (only the necessary ones). There are files for player data, where all the important data from every player is stored (the Tier and Points of a player). Second, you have the config file, where you can customize critical features like the prefix, the number of weeks in a season, etc. Then you have a language file, where you can edit almost every message and last, you have the Battle Pass and Free Pass files where you can edit the rewards for each tier. The plugin is highly customizable!

    ✪ YAML Parsing ✪
    When you make a mistake in one of the files, the plugin will automatically recognize your faults and will tell you them when you reload the plugin. This makes sure there are no glitches or data coruption. The Parser will detect all your faults in every file and will send them to you when you reload the plugin.

    ✪ Automatic Seasons ✪
    Every season you can make the Battle Pass ready for the next one. This ensures that you don't have to stress for the new season to create the new Battle Pass. The plugin will automatically load the new Battle Pass every time a season starts and remove the old ones.

    ✪ Sounds, Particles and More ✪
    You can use Sounds, Particles, and Titles to personalize your Battle Pass even more. Everything is optional and can be disabled.
    Resource Pack sounds are supported!

    ✪ Layout Editor ✪
    Customize the whole GUI with an advanced layout editor. You can choose which tier is presented where. There's an option to create custom items in your GUI and there are many placeholders. This makes it possible to make your server even more unique and this makes it also possible to use only one sort of Pass.
    Your server will finally be unique. No other Battle Pass plugin has this feature!

    ✪ Wide Range of Versions ✪
    You can use every version between 1.9.X and 1.14.X. Using a lower version will sadly not work.
    Note: from the 2.1.1 version, 1.8.X or lower isn't supported and will not work. If you want to buy this resource for those versions, you will need to use a lower plugin version, that contains less features and critical bugs. So please don't buy this resource for 1.8.X or lower.

    Here you can find some pictures and GIFs to get an idea of how the plugin looks. Take in mind: you can always ask me to see the plugin in action if you want to! Everything is configurable, even the GUI items, so you can change the look of the menu completely.
    This showcase is from the first version. There are many, many features not mentioned here!

    Help command (/challenges command is now merged into the /bp command for a simple user interaction)

    Battle Pass menu

    Challenges menu

    Overview menu (lets you quickly navigate through all menus)
    These are the files you can edit. The last update on this was when the 2.7.0 update was released.
    There is a file called 'weeklychallenges.yml'. In this file, all the weekly challenges are stored. To make a weekly challenge, you can just add a line in the file. The 'queuedweeklychallenges.yml' file will be used to replace the normal challenges once the season ends.
    To make a challenge, refer to the tutorial page. You can use the placeholders [player] and [tier] in all your commands.
    The 'dailychallenges.yml' file works exactly the same as the normal challenges file. The only thing that is different is that you don't have to specify the week (because it's randomly chosen).
        Name: '&a&lThank someone'
        Type: CHAT
        Value: thank you!
        Amount: 10
        Battlepoints: 5
        Week: 1
        Item: pieces of paper
        - eco give [player] 1000
        - yourcommandforthischallenge
        - 'Line 1'
        - 'Line 2'
        Name: '&a&lConstructor'
        Type: PLACE
        Value: cobblestone
        Amount: 25
        Battlepoints: 5
        Week: 5
        Item: cobblestone
        - eco give [player] 1000
        - yourcommandforthischallenge
        - 'Line 1'
        - 'Line 2'
        Name: '&a&lSwordman'
        Type: KILL
        Value: player
        Amount: 50
        Battlepoints: 10
        Week: 10
        Item: diamond sword
        - eco give [player] 1000
        - yourcommandforthischallenge
        - 'Line 1'
        - 'Line 2'
    # This is the prefix of the plugin, it will be shown before every message.
    # Set this to '' to disable this.
    # Default: '&4&lBattlePass §8>'
    Prefix: '&4&lBattlePass &8>'
    # This is the highest tier you can get in both your passes.
    # Default: 100
    MaxTier: 100
    # This is the amount of Battlepoints you need to level up.
    # Default: 10
    PointsPerTier: 10
    # Here you can determine the max amount of daily challenges and the refreshtime.
    # Default: Max: 3, RefreshTime: 1 day
        Max: 3
        RefreshTime: 1 day
        ChallengesPerRefresh: 1
    # Here you can set the permission for each subcommand, the passes and the challenges.
        BattlepassUse: battlepass.use.battlepass
        FreepassUse: battlepass.use.freepass
        Challenges: battlepass.use.challenges
        DailyChallenges: battlepass.use.dailychallenges
        TabComplete: battlepass.use.tabcomplete
        ReloadCommand: battlepass.command.reload
        ResetCommand: battlepass.command.reload
        HelpCommand: battlepass.command.help
            Set: battlepass.command.points.set
            Add: battlepass.command.points.add
            Remove: battlepass.command.points.remove
            Set: battlepass.command.tier.set
            Add: battlepass.command.tier.add
            Remove: battlepass.command.tier.remove
        ForceStartNewSeasonCommand: battlepass.command.forcestartnewseason
        ForceGiveDailyCommand: battlepass.command.forcegivedaily
        ToggleTier: battlepass.command.toggletier
    # Here you can set all the different times for each season.
    # Careful: please do not edit the StartingDate value as it will break the plugin if it's edited wrong.
    # Default (WeeksPerSeason): 10
        StartingDate: !skriptdate '2019-11-30T18:34:41.472+01:00'
        CurrentSeason: 1
        CurrentWeek: 3.0
        WeeksPerSeason: 10
    # Here you can enable the titles for the plugin.
    # If you don't want to use them, just set 'Enabled' to 'false'.
    # For the 'Time' value, you can write your timespan litteral, like 5 seconds, 10 minutes, 2 minecraft hours, etc.
    # Default (Time): 5 seconds
        Enabled: true
            Title: '&4&lTIER UP!'
            SubTitle: '&7Check your rewards!'
            Time: 5 seconds
            Title: '&4&lCHALLENGE!'
            SubTitle: '&7You completed a challenge!'
            Time: 5 seconds
    # Here you can enable the sounds for the plugin.
    # If you don't want to use them, just set 'Enabled' to 'false'.
    # Make sure to only use sounds that are available in your version. Resource Pack sounds are supported.
    # You can see most of the available sounds here: https://www.digminecraft.com/lists/sound_list_pc.php
    # Default (Volume): 1.0
        Enabled: true
            TierUp: entity.experience_orb.pickup
            ChallengeComplete: entity.experience_orb.pickup
            BattlePassGUIOpen: block.note_block.pling
            ChallengeGUIOpen: block.note_block.pling
            OverviewGUIOpen: block.note_block.pling
            WeekSelectionGUIOpen: block.note_block.pling
            DailyChallengeGUIOpen: block.note_block.pling
            ClaimRewards: block.anvil.place
            GUIClose: block.note_block.pling
        Volume: 1.0
    # Here you can enable the particles for the plugin.
    # If you don't want to use them, just set 'Enabled' to 'false'.
    # Redstone particles will automatically be converted to Rainbow style.
    # You can see all the available particles at this page (scroll a bit down till you see 'Particle names'): https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skript-addon-skdragon-free-emotes-particles-great-eula-perks.24173/
    # Default (Particle): redstone, (Time): 5 seconds, (Amount): 50 => 100 and above cause lag, (Radius): 3
        Enabled: true
        Particle: redstone
        Time: 5 seconds
        Radius: 3
        Amount: 50
    # Here you can change all things that have to do with the GUIs.
    # Careful: the NBT tags for the LastPage and NextPage have to be valid in order to use them. You can leave them empty like this: '{}'
            Name: '&8&lBattlepass'
                Ready: green dye
                NotReady: red dye
                LastPageItem: player head
                LastPageNBT: '{SkullOwner:{Id:"16d0e46c-e133-4fdf-ae74-be20c1d87ac5",Properties:{textures:[{Value:"eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvZGZhNjA1ZTI1ZjRmYzJjZWE1YTc2NmQ3OWE4YmZhMjkwMzEzZTQ1ZDhmNWU5NTdkOTU4YTBmMzNmY2IxNiJ9fX0="}]}}}'
                NextPageItem: player head
                NextPageNBT: '{SkullOwner:{Id:"f44959bf-7f92-4a49-9517-8ec2cfeaf006",Properties:{textures:[{Value:"eyJ0ZXh0dXJlcyI6eyJTS0lOIjp7InVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90ZXh0dXJlcy5taW5lY3JhZnQubmV0L3RleHR1cmUvNWE5MmFkNDU2Zjc2ZWM3Y2FhMzU5NTkyMmQ1ZmNjMzhkY2E5MjhkYzY3MTVmNzUyZTc0YzhkZGRlMzQ0ZSJ9fX0="}]}}}'
                Completed: green glass pane
                NextTier: yellow glass pane
                NotCompleted: red glass pane
                NoTierReward: barrier
            Name: '&8&lChallenges'
            Completed: green glass pane
            NotAvailable: barrier
            Name: '&8&lWeek Selection'
            Item: green glass
            NotAvailable: barrier
            Name: '&8&lDaily Challenges'
            NoChallenge: barrier
            Name: '&8&lOverview'
            GoToPass: chest
            GoToChallenges: book
            GoToDailyChallenges: book and quill
            Item: black glass pane
            Name: '&8\(°O°)/'
        CloseItem: redstone block
    Battlepoints: Battlepoints
    NextPage: '&7> &c&lNext Page &7<'
    LastPage: '&7> &c&lLast Page &7<'
    CloseName: '&7> &c&lClose &7<'
    CloseLore: '&cClick to close this overview'
    GoToWeekName: '&7> &c&lWeek [week] &7<'
    GoToWeekLore: '&7Click to view the challenges of this week'
    GoToPassName: '&7> &c&lGo to your Battle Pass &7<'
    GoToPassLore: '&7Click to view your Battle Pass tiers and rewards'
    GoToChallengesName: '&7> &c&lGo to your Challenges &7<'
    GoToChallengesLore: '&7Click to view all your Challenges to earn rewards'
    GoToDailyChallengesName: '&7> &c&lGo to your Daily Challenges &7<'
    GoToDailyChallengesLore: '&7Click to view your Daily Challenges'
    ClaimsReady: '&7> &a&lClaim your rewards &7<'
    ClaimsNotReady: '&7> &c&lNo rewards available &7<'
    NoPermission: '&cSorry, but you don''t have the permission to do that.'
    NoBattlepass: '&cYou don''t own a &4Battle Pass&c.'
    NoFreepass: '&cYou don''t own a &4Free Pass&c.'
    NoTierRewards: '&cThere are no rewards for this tier.'
    TierNext: '&7> &6This is your next tier &7<'
    TierCompleted: '&7> &aYou already achieved this tier &7<'
    TierNotCompleted: '&7> &cYou don''t have this tier yet &7<'
    SpecifyPlayer: '&cYou have to specify a player!'
    SpecifyAmount: '&cYou have to specify the amount!'
    SpecifyTier: '&cYou have to specify the tier!'
    UseCommandCorrect: '&cPlease use the command correct. Do &4/bp help&c for a list!'
    UnknownCommand: '&cThis command doesn''t exist!'
    SuccessChangePoints: '&7Succesfully changed the points!'
    SuccessGiveDaily: '&7Succesfully gave the player his daily challenge!'
    SuccessChangeTier: '&7Succesfully changed the tier!'
    SuccessToggleTier: '&7Succesfully toggled the tier from giving rewards!'
    SuccessReset: '&7Succesfully reset the battlepass and the challenges!'
    NewSeasonBegun: '&7New season has begun! &cCheck the new Battlepass!'
    NewDailyChallenge: '&7You have a new daily challenge. &cCheck it out for awesome rewards&7!'
    CompleteChallenge: '&7You completed &c[name] &7and you earned &c[reward]'
    ProgressChallenge: '&7Progress in [name] &7(&c[progress]&7/&c[target]&7)'
    Challenge: Challenge
    NoChallengePermission: '&cYou can''t complete &4Challenges&c!'
    NoDailyChallengePermission: '&cYou can''t complete &4Daily Challenges&c!'
    NoDailyChallengeHere: '&cWait for a new daily challenge to appear here&c!'
    ChallengeCompleted: '&7> &aYou already completed this challenge &7<'
    ChallengeNotAvailable: '&cThis challenge is not available'
    WeekNotAvailable: '&cThis week is not available'
    - '&7&m--------------------------------------------------'
    - ' '
    - '&7You just &cleveled &7your Battle Pass up, &c[player]&7!'
    - '&7Current Tier: &c[tier]'
    - '&7Go check and claim your rewards!'
    - ' '
    - '&7&m--------------------------------------------------'
    - '&7&m------------------------------'
    - '&7> &4Tier: &c[tier]&7/&a[maxtier]'
    - '&7> &4Points: &c[battlepoints]&7/&a10'
    - '&7> &4Season: &c[season]'
    - '&7> &4Week: &c[week]&7/&a[weeksperseason]'
    - '&7&m------------------------------'
    - '&7&m--------------------------------------------------'
    - '&c&l/bp'
    - '&8> &7Opens the Battlepass'
    - '&c&l/bp help'
    - '&8> &7Get this help page'
    - '&c&l/bp points set/add/remove <player> <amount>'
    - '&8> &7Change someone''s Points'
    - '&c&l/bp tier set/add/remove <player> <amount>'
    - '&8> &7Change someone''s Tier'
    - '&c&l/bp reset <player>'
    - '&8> &7Reset someone so they can earn the rewards again'
    - '&c&l/bp reload'
    - '&8> &7Reload the plugin'
    - '&c&l/bp forcestartnewseason'
    - '&8> &7Start the new season now'
    - '&c&l/bp forcegivedaily <player> [amount]'
    - '&8> &7Give players their daily challenge now. (Amount is optional)'
    - '&c&l/bp toggletier <tier>'
    - '&8> &7Enable/disable the tier from giving rewards'
    - '&7&m--------------------------------------------------'
    These are just some examples. The Free Pass is formed exactly the same way.
    The 'queuedbattlepass.yml' and the 'queuedfreepass.yml' are files that aren't used in the season itself. When the season ends, the plugin will remove the normal Battle and Free Pass files and will change it with the Queued Battle Pass and the Queued Free Pass files, so you can create the new Battle Pass before the next season actually starts.
    You can use [tier] and [player] in every command to customize your Battle Pass even more!
        Enabled: false
        Name: '&e&lTier 1 Rewards'
        Item: diamond block
        - '&7&m-------------------------'
        - ' '
        - '&7> &b5000 Money'
        - ' '
        - '&7&m-------------------------'
        - eco give [player] 5000
        - testcommand
        Enabled: true
        Name: '&e&lTier 2 Rewards'
        Item: diamond block
        - '&7&m-------------------------'
        - ' '
        - '&7> &b10000 Money'
        - ' '
        - '&7&m-------------------------'
        - eco give [player] 10000
        - testcommand2

    1. Download this resource and download all the dependencies, listed below.
    2. Put the dependencies and the plugin in your plugin folder. Do not put the plugin in the 'plugins/Skript/scripts' folder.
    3. Restart your server.
    4. To be sure the plugin is enabled, execute the command '/sk reload BattlePass'.
    5. You can now use the plugin and edit the files!
    All the challenges are made in the Weekly Challenges file (located at '/plugins/Battlepass/Challenges/weeklychallenges.yml').
    This is the format to make a challenge:
        Name: ChallengeName
        Type: ChallengeType
        Value: Value
        Amount: Amount
        Battlepoints: Reward
        # Following is only for weekly challenges
        Week: Week
        Item: GUI-Item
        Commands: Commands in a list
        Lore: Lore in a list
    Let me break this down step by step:
    • Challenge Name
      • A name that will show up in the GUI
    • Challenge Type
      • This is the sort of challenge you want. You can choose from this list:
        • BREAK
        • PLACE
        • CONSUME
        • KILL
        • DAMAGE
        • COLLECT
        • DROP
        • HIT
        • SHOOT
        • TAME
        • CHAT
        • COMMAND
        • CRAFT
        • MILK
        • LEVEL_UP
        • GAIN_EXP
        • STARVE
        • FEED_SELF
        • SHEAR
        • FISH
        • ENCHANT
      • Make sure to write this in capital letters
    • Value
      • This is the value for the challenge. The thing that you have to break, place, consume, kill, etc.
        • For BREAK and PLACE: a placable block (like cobblestone, dirt, diamond block, ...)
        • For CONSUME: an item that you can consume (like apple, golden apple, cooked beef, ...)
        • For KILL and DAMAGE: an entitytype (like player, zombie, skeleton, ...)
        • For TAME: an animal that you can tame (like wolf, ocelot, ...)
        • For CRAFT, DROP and COLLECT: any item type (and for CRAFT: any item type that is craftable)
        • For CHAT and COMMAND: a text (for command, DON'T USE '/' !)
        • For HIT and SHOOT: a projectile
        • For LEVEL_UP, GAIN_EXP, STARVE, FEED_SELF, SHEAR and MILK: no value (you can simply leave this as 'none')
        • For FISH: a fish (like tropical fish, pufferfish, etc. ONLY WORKS FOR 1.13 AND HIGHER)
        • For ENCHANT: an enchantment (Check this link: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/enchantments/Enchantment.html for all possible enchantments)
      • You may use spaces
      • STARVE and FEED_SELF will get triggered when your hunger meter changes.
    • Amount
      • This is basically the amount of things you have to kill, consume, break, place, etc. before you complete the challenge
      • Must be an integer (like 1 or 2, but not 1.34 or -1)
    • Battlepoints Reward
      • Amount of battlepoints you get when you complete the challenge
      • Also must be an integer
    • Week
      • The week where the challenge becomes available
      • Can't be higher than the 'WeeksPerSeason' value from the Config file
      • When you are creating daily challenges, you don't have to use this.
    • GUI-Item
      • This is the item that will show up in the GUI
      • Use the proper item type!
    • Commands
      • These are the commands that are executed by the console when the player completes a challenge
      • You can use [player] and [tier] as placeholders.
    • Lore
      • This list are the lines that show up as the lore
      • This are all placeholders you can use (listed with example):
        • [challenge] => BREAK GRASS
        • [progress] and [target] => 10 and 20 (10/20)
        • [reward] => 5 Battlepoints
        • [week] => 5
    Here are some examples:
        Name: 'Test'
        Type: PLACE
        Value: cobblestone
        Amount: 150
        Battlepoints: 5
        Week: 2
        Item: cobblestone
        - eco give [player] 100
        - 'This is line 1'
        - 'This is line 2'
      # The player has to place 150 cobblestones, and gets 5 battlepoints as reward. The challenge becomes available in week 2 and will show up under the name "Test" and with the item cobblestone. The lore will contain 2 lines, with 'This is line 1' and 'This is line 2'. After the challenge is completed, the plugin will execute the command '/eco give [player] 100'.
    Basically, the layout file (called 'layout.yml') has two values. One called 'BattlePassGUI', with all the lines for the Battlepass GUI, and one called 'ChallengeGUI', for all lines for the Challenge GUI.
    The 'BattlePassGUI' part looks like this:
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[CLOSEITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[CLAIMITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    - '[BORDERITEM]'
    You will see that there are also other GUIs in this file. They actually work the same, but have different placeholders.

    Each line represents a slot in the GUI. There are 54 slots in the GUI, so you should use 54 lines. If you use less, some slots will be empty, and if you use more, some lines will not be used.
    You can use custom items by using '%itemtype%' as the value

    So if you want a slot to be a green stained glass pane, you can use 'green glass pane' as value. You can use every item type that fits into your server version.
    You can also use some custom created expressions to represent some other important things in the GUI. Use always squared brackets ('[ ]')
    • PLAYERINFOITEM: will show the player's stats. Item will be the skull of the player.
    • CLAIMITEM: if players can claim certain rewards, they can click this item to claim them. If this item is not in your GUI, your players won't be able to claim their rewards. If there are no rewards available, this item cannot be used.
    • CLOSEITEM: just closes the GUI when clicked
    • FREEPASSTIERITEM and BATTLEPASSTIERITEM: each represent a tier of a certain pass. If you don't want to show for example the Free Pass, you can delete all the expressions with 'FREEPASSTIERITEM' and you can use other items instead.
    • PROGRESSITEM: This will color green if you already achieved the tier, yellow if this is your next tier and red if you didn't achieve this tier yet (configurable in the config file).
    • CHALLENGEITEM and DAILYCHALLENGEITEM: each represent a (daily) challenge.
    • WEEKITEM: this represents a week in the GUI
    • GOTOPASSITEM, GOTOCHALLENGESITEM and GOTODAILYCHALLENGESITEM: when you press this in the overview menu, you will be redirected to the GUI. I think the names are clear enough.
    • LASTPAGEITEM and NEXTPAGEITEM: go to the next/previous page of the GUI.
    • BORDERITEM: This represents the border item that you configurated in the config file. This won't do anything and using a normal item expression like 'black glass pane' will work too.
    • Use always squared brackets ('[ ]')
    • Use the same amount of 'PROGRESSITEM' as 'FREEPASSTIERITEM/BATTLEPASSTIERITEM'. If you won't do this, the progress bar will not show properly.
    • Never leave a line empty, use 'air' instead.
    If you have questions, you can always ask me for help!
    Hopefully this helps you to make your server more unique!

    Here you can find some useful methods for your own Skripts to interact with the Battle Pass plugin. This is for Skript developers only and you will need this plugin to make it work.

    This will start a new season with the new passes and the new challenges.

    BattlePass_AwardPoints(player, amount)
    Award players some Battlepoints. You need 10 Battlepoints to get a new tier at default.

    This returns the tier of the player

    This returns the Battlepoints of the player.

    I am planning to extend this API with some more methods.

    These are some questions players could be worried about. I made this section to avoid misunderstandings.

    Will players without permission be able to level up their Battle Pass?
    Yes, they are. They can get tiers without permissions, but they can't claim their rewards. If they get the permission later (by for example buying the Battle Pass on your store), they are able to claim every reward they haven't claimed yet.
    BUT: players can only receive Battlepoints from Challenges and through commands. If they don't have the permission to do challenges, they won't be able to level upi their Passes.

    Will this resource decrease my server performance?

    No. This plugin is lag-free and will not slow down your server.
    We only recommend a minimum storage of 512 MB on your server, otherwise the GUIs may be slower.

    What is the difference between /bp reset <player> and /bp tier set <player> 1?
    If you do '/bp reset <player>', everything will be reset. The player will be able to claim the rewards again if they tier up. If you just to '/bp tier set <player> 1', his tier will be reset, but when he levels up his Pass to a level where he already claimed the reward from, he will not be able to claim it again.

    If I edit a file, like the player data file, the config file or the tier reward file, it will not change ingame!
    Remember to always execute '/bp reload' after each major change. If you don't execute that command, the changes will not be made.

    The messages are not showing properly!
    Check if you used the right YAML syntax.
    Maybe you have to change this:
    NoTierRewards: &cNo rewards for you, I'm sorry!
    with this:
    NoTierRewards: '&cNo rewards for you, I''m sorry!'
    If your messages start with a color code (like '&a' or '&4'), you have to quote the whole text (with single quotes: ' '). If a quoted message contains another single quote, you have to escape that quote or you have to double it (escape with a backslash: \).

    I got some errors in the Skript! What do I have to do?
    This is because you didn't install the right add-ons. Please look below to see which add-ons you have to install before using the plugin. Also, don't use version 2.2 from Njol. This version is old and outdated and will not work. You need to use Bensku's fork.

    If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to suggest them, but please do not leave a bad review with suggestions. I will not handle these reviews.

    • Currently, no major features are planned.
    You can always suggest new features!

    The Skript is encapsulated in a Jar file. This means that you can't see the Skript itself, what normally is the case. This is to prevent leaks and code steals. The Skript will look like a JAR-file, but you will need to install add-ons. If you download the resource, you need a few add-ons and the Skript plugin itself to make the Skript work.
    These add-ons are:
    • Skript: download here (this is a Skript fork of Bensku, please use the latest version of his plugin. Do not use the old version of Njol, it will not work!)
    • Server version 1.9.X to 1.14.X (1.8 is since the 2.1.1 update no longer supported)
    Please follow these rules to ensure that we both will have a profit of this resource.
    • When buying this product, you agree to all of these terms.
    • You cannot claim this as your own.
    • You cannot discapsulate the JAR file to look inside the Skript
    • You cannot distribute, leak, sell or give this product to other persons in any way.
      • Only one copy per server/person
    • Leaving a bad review with a bug without contacting us first can lead to a temporary or a full restriction on this resource.
    • You cannot chargeback. This is completely not tolerated!
      • If you do, a scam report will immediately open against you and you will not be able to download this resource ever again!
    • We can change these terms at any moment, with or without a warning.
    • Violating these terms can lead to a negative reputation, a temporary or full restriction to download this resource, a scam report or something else.

    If you need support, you can contact me in different ways. It may last some days before I answer. Normally I answer within 6-48 hours. I'm the most active on MC-Market.

Recent Reviews

  1. googletraductor
    Version: 2.4.4
    Plugin is very good, it's easy to use and configure. Developer is helpful and very kind :). I recommend this plugin.
    1. Mwex
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for your review! I’m glad you like the plugin!
  2. IlovePandas
    Version: 2.1.1
    Im so happy challenges are released! Currently its bugfree for me and my players and i love it. Maybe at some more screenshots etc bcs its now hard to figure out how to setup this script.
    - More challenges
    - like Fortnite that you can give players a reward where they get tiers next season
    1. Mwex
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      Thank you very much (again) for the awesome review!
      I’ll try to add those features in the next update! Stay tuned!
  3. IlovePandas
    Version: 1.0
    I installed this resource yesterday on my server. I could configure it in less than an hour! I used 60 tiers. I think my players will love the fact that they can use the Battle Pass.
    Only fw things I can suggest:
    - Challenges. I know have to give the players point with an external plugin (BetonQuests)
    - Sounds and particles

    But dont hesitate to buy. It works perfectly as described