Voxtility Skyblock Setup Currently version 1.8.8

This is a high quality skyblock setup.
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⭐ Voxtility SkyBlock Setup ⭐

Price = 14$ USD

This skyblock is very well made
bunch of cool features but this setup was originally made for a server so you will need to own or purchase some plugins to use it at its full potential.


Leaderheads (Optional)
Litebans (Optional)
MCMMO (Optional)
MergedMob (Optional)
Minions (Optional)
MPets (Optional)
MysterysMobSpawners (Optional)
PandaWire (Optional)
PvPingMobcoins (Optional)
ShopGuiPlus (Optional)
TradeMe (Optional)
UltimateCasino (Optional)
Airbar (Optional)
AuctionHouse (Optional)
BarGambler (Optional)
DeluxeChat (Required)
EpicSellChest (Optional)
EZRankPro (Required)​

☁️ Test Server ☁️

☁️ Contact ☁️
Discord Server:

(If support is needed.)
Crediting original
This is was a setup developed for the Voxility Network but they gave me ownership/resell rights to the files.
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Latest updates

  1. Updated certain plugins that required to be updated **OPTIONAL UPDATE**

    This is an optional update, We have only updated certain plugins that were causing some issues...
  2. Multiple Configuration file changes.

    Tab, Scoreboard, and other messages format changed.
  3. Small Update

    Minor UTF-8 Errors Fixed

Latest reviews

high quality setup the creator helped me alot!
This Setup Is Very High Quallity And It Also Has A Lot Of Cool Premium Plugins!
high quality setup with good support I hope for new updates in the future
Excellent work! Hopefully they will do more updates :D
Awesome resource, its clear that loads of effort and time were put into the creation. Authors are appreciative of purchases and give excellent support. 10/10 would recommend!
Thanks, Let us know if you need any more help!
10/10 Bought the resource and it's awesome, looking forward if there is gonna be daily updates on it.
Thanks for buying this resource!
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