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✯ $600+ in profit, very custom, and high quality ✯

  1. IncorruptMC
    Supported MC Versions:
    1.8 - 1.13
    Req. Server Software:
    Any server jarfile within 1.8 - 1.8.8


    With over $600 made with this setup, this price is unbeatable!

    These are buyers that received not only what they paid but exceeded all expenses. I just started collecting this data. You could be next ;)

    This setup contains 5 donator ranks and 4 staff ranks. Each with their own unique permissions that enhance gameplay.
    Custom Classes
    Players are able to choose between 3 different classes. Each that can be ranked up and upon every rankup the player unlocks special abilities that enhance their gameplay.
    Players can store TNT into a virtual vault using the command /tntbank. They can also withdraw TNT from that vault in a radius.
    Every 30 minutes an Envoy event will occur dropping crates at predefined locations giving players rewards upon redemption.
    Using the prebuilt custom KoTH's you can set KoTH locations and rewards. It's preset to happen daily using the KoTH names "Windmill" and "Village".
    Custom Menus
    This setup offers a smooth looking /warp menu allowing players to warp to different locations using the GUI.
    After playing five hours players are automatically rewarded with a Default Drop. This is all configurable with a playtime GUI system.
    Drops can be won in crates or by playtime. Players can use drops to obtain rewards. Upon redeeming a drop, a chest falls from the sky in the chunk the player redeemed it in. Upon redemption, it displays the location this drop was redeemed at to the server.
    Custom Crates
    You can create crates and edit rewards. Custom Crates comes with a smooth clean looking GUI and predefined rewards and crate names.
    Players can withdraw cash into banknotes that can be redeemed by right-clicking. Players can also withdraw experience into EXP bottles following the same concept.
    Players are offered a wide variety of quests to complete. Each quest rewards cash and tokens. After completion of a quest, the next quest in that tier becomes available offering bigger rewards and a bigger grind to complete.
    Players can obtain tokens from voting and completing quests. Tokens can be redeemed in the black market for special items such as chunk busters, mystery mob spawners, and monthly crates.
    Monthly Crates
    Players can purchase monthlycrates via the webstore or using tokens in the black market. Monthlycrates offer cash rewards, spawners, ranks, tags, and much more. The rewarded items come in a redeemable form meaning you can trade rewards with other players.
    Custom Tags
    Using a custom made tag plugin, players are given the option to use special tags or regular tags. Regular tags are won from monthlycrates while special tags are meant to be purchased from the webstore.
    Upon usage of the /trade command players can request to trade with each other. This offers a smooth and efficient GUI that helps prevent the notorious scamming so commonly found in factions.
    Custom Lottery
    Every x minutes a lottery event will occur enabling players to use the /lottery command. Upon usage players are greeted with a GUI that lets them insert a certain amount of cash into the lottery. More cash inserted = higher chances. Amount of time and messages are all configurable. (Default = Every 30 Minutes with 5 minute Draw time)
    Custom Chat Info Hover
    Upon typing in chat it displays the event players information such as balance, faction, and name. This can be viewed by hovering over their message.
    Custom Staffchat
    A much needed utility for staff members. Using the command /sc staff can communicate with each other freely without worrying about default players reading their messages. This can be essential for disclosing ban information, server updates, and secret details not to be known by the public.
    Custom VoteGUI
    Upon usage of the /vote command players view a clean looking GUI used to vote for the server on configurable websites.
    Trench Pickaxes
    These are tools of destruction used to clear out major plots of land with one block mined. These can be won through Monthlycrates and are designed to be a purchased feature via the webstore.
    Sell Wands
    Already preset to match the shop, by using one of these wands on a chest it immediately sells all the contents inside of it and depositing the cash into your account. Designed to be won through Monthlycrates and purchased via the webstore.
    Boss Mobs
    Players are able to obtain three different tiers of BossMobs. Only able to spawn in warzone, BossMobs are used to obtain special rewards such as ranks, money, spawners, and more. These are designed to be purchased via the webstore.
    Friendly Mobs
    Having aggressive mobs can be annoying, now all spawned mobs will be passive towards players.
    Golden Apple Control
    Players will be unable to chug golden apples. Upon consumption, they must wait x seconds before eating another. This can be configured in the configuration file (Default is 30 seconds)
    Custom Gen Buckets
    Upon usage of the /genbuckets command players will be greeted with a custom and smooth GenBucket GUI offering multiple types of buckets with obsidian, cobblestone, and sand variants. This GUI supports two pages with the second page selling GenBuckets in bulk.
    Crop Hoppers
    Upon usage of the /chopper command players can purchase a crop hopper. Crop hoppers are used to collect all dropped cactus in a chunk and magically transfer it to the connected chest. No more worrying about extremely difficult cactus farms.
    Harvester Hoes
    Players can purchase harvester hoes in the shop, harvester hoes are used to mine sugarcane and have all dropped sugarcane magically teleport to your inventory.
    Custom Mob Drops
    Iron golem spawners are the second best spawner behind witches! Witches drop emeralds, however; it doesn't end there. Creepers have a chance to drop TNT and Zombie Pigman drop Golden Ingots.
    Lore Items
    Lore items are special weapons and tools that can be used to enhance player combat. Lore's are items that can be obtained by mining (small chance). However, upon usage, they have a chance to cast an effect on your opponent. For example, there are wither lore weapons, smite lore weapons, slowness lore weapons, and more. They come in sword variants and bow variants. There is also a lore item called a Blast Pickaxe where it causes an explosion (exploding blocks) every time you mine a block.

    Custom Enchants

    Lore Items


    Players are able to choose their own class. Players can rankup their classes and obtain unique abilities by doing so. Each class has a different set of skills to enhance the user's gameplay experience.

    Players receive a secondary currency called TOKENS by voting and completing quests. These tokens can be used to purchase special items such as MYSTERY MOB SPAWNERS, CHUNK BUSTERS, and CRATE KEYS.

    This setup offers a CUSTOM tag plugin. This tag plugin has two options for tags, regular and special tags.
    Regular tags can be won through monthly crates while special tags were designed to only be purchased from your webstore.

    Our custom crate plugin brings forward a smooth looking GUI with customizable key options and rewards.

    Monthly crates are available for players to purchase using tokens or in your webstore. They offer keys, tags, RANKS, MONEY POUCHES, MYSTERY MOB SPAWNERS, TRENCH PICKAXES, and all sorts of goods for players

    Players receive items that enable them to obtain access to certain goods. Ranks, keys, tags, and all sorts of perks can be redeemed by right clicking the designated item.

    A custom plugin that reveals players details upon hovering over their name or message in chat

    A smooth and clean looking GUI to help players vote for your server.

    A CUSTOM MCMMO SYSTEM that brings forward special abilities and a smooth looking GUI.
    Each perk becomes more frequent the higher the MCMMO level
    Mining: Obtain Haste, Autosmelt, Extra Fortune, Explosion while mining.
    Axes: Wood drops charcoal, Wood drops sticks, Extra Fortune, Wood drops diamonds.
    Digging: Obtain Haste, Spawn Water, Find Gold, Explosion.
    Archery: Increase Damage, Smite Target, Poison Target, Shoot multiple arrows, Explosive Arrow, Obtain cash from killing mobs.
    Combat: Obtain cash on kills, Steal cash from players, Get bonus drops from mobs

    A CUSTOM GenBucket GUI that allows players to purchase three types of gen buckets. Most of them include different directions. GUI also has a second page that enables players to purchase Gen Buckets in bulk.
    *This has a dependency on INSTAWALL*

    A smooth looking GUI that lets you warp to different locations.

    Bossmobs are intended to be purchased through your webstore and drop rewards upon being harmed by a player.

    Quests are used to gain money and tokens that can be used in the Black Market. There are FIVE different quests each with FIVE different tier levels. Each tier brings greater rewards and a harder quest to complete.



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