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✯ $600+ in profit, very custom, and high quality ✯

  1. Holiday Update v1.0

    Holiday Update v1.0
    Fall is in the air and the holiday season is quickly arriving. Pushing out the first holiday update with just a couple additions.
    Added a Christmas Tree Schematic
    Added a couple of festive special tags
    Added "Happy Holidays" to the essentials MOTD
    Added instructions to give players tags in the details file
    Lowered the setup price from $10 to $7.89 to celebrate the season

  2. Update 1.5.3 (Stable)

    1.5.3 (Stable)
    ✔️ Updated the warzone region to cover all of the claims and fix bossmobs

    Already Downloaded?

    Reupload the Worldguard config file :)
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  3. Update 1.5.2 (Stable)

    Update 1.5.2 (Stable)
    ✔️ Fixed Playtime not calculating hours and keys correctly

    Already Downloaded?
    It's ok to panic.. I panic sometimes too. But it's extremely simple to replace. So stop stress eating Doritos and let's get to business.
    Replace the playtime.sk skript by going into skript > skripts.​
  4. Update 1.5.1 (Stable)

    Update 1.5.1 (Stable)
    Added a custom /playtime gui that shows hours & enables players to open a playtime crate that rewards tags
    Fixed GAListener from saying Boltic
    Fixed Server.Properties file displaying skyblock MOTD

    Already Downloaded?
    Replace playtime.sk (Skripts > skript > playtime.sk)
    Replace GAListener config
    Replace server.properties file
  5. Update 1.5.0 (Stable)

    Update 1.5.0 (Stable)
    Fixed playtime skript
    Fixed the help menu
    Fixed f help menu
    Added premium plugin version info

    Already Downloaded?

    Replace the playime.sk in the skript files (skript > skripts)
    Replace the customhelpmessage configuration file
    Replace the gameplay.sk file and the booscooldowns configuration file

    Then you're all set :tup: Thank you guys for all your support and best wishes on your...
  6. Update 1.4.5 (Stable)

    Update 1.4.5 (Stable)
    Fixed silly bungeecord bug that disabled anyone from joining.

    Already Downloaded?
    Just simply replace the spigot.yml file :tup:

    Made with love <3<3
  7. Update 1.4.4

    Update 1.4.4 (Stable)
    Due to playtime's poor quality. I custom made a playtime skript just for the setup.
    + Added Test Server back. (Oops :whistle:)
    + I'm back. Feel free to message me for support and I'll get back to you ASAP. Preferably discord. (Incorrupt#2264)

    Already Downloaded?
    Just go into skript > skripts > and copy + paste the playtime.sk file into your server's skript files. Then, delete the playtime jarfile....
  8. Update 1.4.3 (Stable)

    Update 1.4.3 (Stable)
    (!) The most stable version of the setup (!)
    Fixed errors with the Factions Plugin
    Claims should be automatically loaded now
    Fixed issue with /plugins not displaying anything (Only opped players can do this command now)
    You can do /classreset to reset your class now, permission to do this is "op".
    Updated spigot.yml and added paper.yml for PaperSpigot
    Cleaned up PeX a little bit more + added /wild permission
    Max Faction...
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  9. Update 1.4.2 (Bug Fix Update)

    Update 1.4.2 (Bug Fix Update)
    (Finally) Fixed KoTH issue. Check "Common Issues" file
    Fixed Playervault Permissions with Ranks
    Added more info to "Common Issues" file
    Removed BoosCooldowns dependency
    Added "Rank Info" notepad document
    Changed wilderness (/wild) plugin
    Fixed setup MOTD config file

    Already Downloaded?
    Remove KoTH plugin + config file and replace
    Replace PeX permissions file with...
  10. Update 1.4.1

    Flash Update 1.4.1
    Savage Factions causes multiple other setup features to fail, will add support in the future. In the meantime, we reverted back to our regular factions plugin.