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Tired of normal ceggs? Snipe enemy chests from far with these highly customizable ceggs.

Are you tired of the normal ceggs? Was there loot visible but just outside your reach? Fear not, for we have the plugin that can spice up your economy and bring a twist to the element of chest protection.This plugin aim for as much customizablity as possible, with editable sounds, name, lores, and even the item itself!


✔️ Cheap
✔️ Control explosion radius
✔️ Toggleable entity spawn, It can create direct explosion without spawning the entity itself if set in the config.
✔️ Functionality of Delay and Cooldown
✔️ Control the sound type, volume and pitch when the egg is thrown.
✔️ Editable Item Lores, fully detail how it works to your players using the given item lores.(They also support color codes)
✔️Editable Item Name, want to advertise these eggs as something extra ordinary? Don't forget to change their names then.

Commands & Perms?

The plugin does most of its work in the actual action of the plugin, so there is only one command that gives the eggs, and comes with two permissions, one to be able to use the give command, and one to bypass the cooldown.

./givetcegg <player> <amount>

Additional Info

I can understand your desire to take a look at the config so that you know exactly what percentage of the plugin you can change. I would say it's near about 70-80ish% however, we plan to update the plugin frequently and bring about all the features suggested by our customers!

Without a further delay, here's the config.

Name: Item Name
- First Line
- Second
Id: 383
Data: 50
Glow: true
Radius: 5.0
SpawnEntity: true
Delay: 1
Cooldown: 1
Volume: 1.0
Pitch: 1.0
- ' '

Other than that, the plugin works standalone and does not require any other plugin for it to function, and does not violate protected worldguard regions.

If spawn entity in the config is enabled than it will spawn a tnt with fuse equal to the delay, if its disabled than there will be a direct explosion after delay seconds and that tnt will be affected by gravity in the delay time whereas the direct explosion won't be, currently to calculate the position of landing we are using Snowball, Custom throwable entity is currently being worked on.

NOTE: Due to the changes in 1.13, the plugin will use ID & Data if the server version is below 1.13, otherwise It will make use of MaterialName if 1.13 is being used.

This plugin has been deemed safe by credible VirusTotal,


Proof of ownership,

This plugin has been developed by Flockshot and Me, We really hope that you liked our idea. If you want to inquire about anything, please contact us either directly here, or on our discord here https://discord.gg/g9eMsSV

Thank you for reading!

You must not claim this plugin as yours.
You may not refund or chargeback.
In case you found a fault or bug, you must contact us before submitting a review.
You may not reverse engineer/debug the plugin for your needs, If you're interested in the source code please contact me privately.
You cannot share this plugin with anyone.

Latest updates

  1. Fixed Issues with WorldGuard API

    There were some issues regarding the worldguard api, since Worldguard was updated and changed...
  2. Support for 1.15.2

    I have added the support for 1.15, plugin should now work for any version from 1.8 to 1.15.2
  3. Added support for 1.14.4

    Plugin should work with 1.14. If there are any errors, please do contact me

Latest reviews

Worth the bucks. I absolutely think you should get this. As far as I could tell at the current time there weren't any free alternatives that I could find for throwable creeper eggs.

Does exactly what it says. Despite the lack of sales and downloads.

Works just like how you'd want it to! Amazing resource :D
Great plugin works how they should never had any problems so far.
Thank you for your kind review!



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