sFoundDiamonds - Customizable | Open Source | 1.3.7

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Broadcast when Diamonds are Found | Ore Stat Tracking | Customizable
sFoundDiamonds is a free & open sourced fresh take on plugins that broadcast when players find Diamonds.
  • In-Game customization options (/fd)
  • Ore Stat tracking
  • Ore Stat signs that display ore stats when right clicked
  • Config & Language File

  • /fd - The base command for sFoundDiamonds.
  • /ores - This command allows a player to check their own ore stats, or another player's ore stats.
  • /fdreloadconfig - Reload the Config file.
  • /fdreloadlang - Reload the Language file.

  • sfd.founddiamonds - Allows access to the /fd command.
  • sfd.ores - Allows access to the /ores command.
  • sfd.reload - Allows access to reload Config/Lang file.

1). There will be no refunds.
2). You may not resell this, nor claim it as your own.
3). You may not redistribute this plugin.
4). You agree to these terms when purchasing.

Proof of Ownership: http://prntscr.com/mcaqdl
Source Code: https://github.com/soresdev/sFoundDiamonds (Stars bois :>)

Latest updates

  1. v1.3.7 - Small Fix

    Version 1.3.7: Changes: - Small fix for the FoundDiamonds message output. (Change can be seen...
  2. v1.3.6 - Fixes

    Version 1.3.6: Changes: - Fixed all sign interactions being cancelled if ore signs were disabled.
  3. v1.3.5 - Updating to current version

    Version 1.3.5: Changes: - Sign cooldowns can now be toggled on/off using the /fd togglecooldown...

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