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⭐ Tomatoes GUI Pack ⭐ [HIGH QUALITY GUI'S] 1.4

A set of high quality gui's for you to use on your server!

  1. 1.14.4 Support & New Menus

    + Fixed all the menus to support 1.14.4
    + Refined the file system to be easier to locate menus

    + Added Advent Calendar Menu
    + Added Punish Menu (/punish {username})
    + Added Crazy Enchants Menu
    + Added Lobby Selector Menu
    + Added a new Server Navigator Menu
    + Changed the Cosmetics Menu to show how many of each cosmetics in each category have been unlocked

    # Item shop currently being made

    - Removed the parkour menu
  2. Pets, McMMO, Parkour & Punishments

    + Added 1 Pets Menu (Requires SimplePets & SimpleAPI)
    + Added 1 MCMMO Menu (Requires MCMMO)
    + Added 1 Parkour Menu (Requires Parkour and TomatoesParkourExpansion [PROVIDED])
    + Added 1 Punishment Menu (Requires Litebans & CommandPrompter)
  3. Disguise Menu, Online Store Menu & Cosmetic Menu

    + 1 High Quality Disguise Menu (Requires Lib's Disguises)
    + 1 Cosmetic Menu (Requires GadgetsMenu)
    + 1 Simplified Jobs Menu (Requires Jobs Reborn)
    + 1 Online Store Menu
  4. Social Media, Jobs & Speed Menu's

    + Added 3 Social Media Menu's
    + Added 1 Jobs Menu (Requires Jobs Reborn)
    + Added 1 Speed Menu

    NOTE: If you have a suggestion please message me with it and I will do my best to add it. Thanks

    COMING SOON: Disguise Menu & Pets Menu