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UltimateAutoRestart » Need an autorestart plugin? Grab the best one today! Build 30

Actionbars, Titles, PlaceholderAPI, Interval/Specific Reboots & more!

  1. Update checker fix

    Build 30 Changelog:
    • Fixed an issue with Spigot's old update check API. You will no longer receive false update messages.
  2. Version command, Update checker

    Build 29 Changelog:
    • You can now use /ar version to check which version you're running on.
      • A new permission has been added (uar.version)
      • Add the following code to your configuration.
      • Code:
           - ''
           - '&eUltimateAutoRestart is running on &a&n%version%&r&e!'
           - ''
    • If there is an update available it'll send a message to the console as well as a message to opped players when they join the server.
  3. Update: Quick countdown patch

    - Added an option that allows you to change the countdown speed by modifying the task's ticks.

    Note: (Add to configuration or this update will not work)
    # The ticks option will either decrease the cooldown quicker or faster, edit this value only if your server makes the
    # counter go down really quick or really slow. 20 Ticks = 1 Second
       ticks: 20
  4. Update: Forced Space Fix

    - Fixes an issue that would force a space between hours/minutes/seconds in the interval format.
  5. Update: Specific Restart Fixes

    - Fixes an issue that would not start an interval if a specific restart time was set to a time later than the current time.
    - Fixes an issue that would not display the interval seconds in the console debug message when using the specific restart option.
  6. Update: Formatting Fix

    - You can now translate the interval format again.
  7. Update: Specific Daily Restarts, Fixes

    - You can now set a specific time of day for the restarts.
    - Fixed an issue with /ar time when used from the console.

    # You can choose between autoReboot and specificReboot, having them both enabled will cause issues
    # specificDailyRebootAt follows this format -> hour;minute

    Note: For this update to work add the following to your configuration:

       specificDailyReboot: true
       specificDailyRebootAt: 19;30
  8. Update: Autoreboot delay on startup

    You can now delay the autoreboot task on server startup.

    For this update to work you must add the following to your configuration:

       autoRebootStartupDelay: 2
    Note: The value must be a positive integer and is in seconds.
  9. Update: Countdown Format

    - You can now customize how the cooldown appears.

    Note: Add the following to your config.yml or else this update will not work.

       seconds: 's '
       second: 's '
       minutes: 'm '
       minute: 'm '
       hours: 'h '
       hour: 'h '
       splitter: 'and '
  10. Update: Better time conversion

    - This update adds a better time conversion system, commas (,) will no longer display when there's no following time.