Simple Playtime Skript 1.0

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Check all your players playtimes simply!
Simple Playtime
Simple Playtime is a Skript that allows you to see all your players playtimes, All you need is the base Skript and nothing extra.

Skript [2.3]


If you have any questions or need any information please contact me on discord, @DebitCardz#2506

1. Stop your server
2. Place Skript in your 'scripts' Folder
3. Start Server

If you need help with any of these steps please contact me on Discord.


Other Info
You may reuse the code of this product into whatever you'd like. And it would be nice if you could credit me.


You may not redistribute this product claiming it as your own and do not in general claim it as your own.

If there is any problem or issue with this product you may not leave it in the reviews but contact me on discord @DebitCardz#2506 and then if I don't resolve the issue leave the review.

If my Skript doesn't work with your server please leave it at that and maybe check what versions SkQuery and Skript are on.
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