Quality Fantasy Arena || 600x600 || Just $1.99! v1.1

A 600x600 Fantasy Kitpvp arena surrounded by a layer of mountains. Does not contain structure
Images can be found here:

This arena is approximately 600x600 of playable area, and is surrounded by mountains making it a total of 1000x1000.
It contains several unique areas that would be perfect for focus point structures for any KitPVP map.

Paths are made out of netherbricks.

It's based on a single theme, not multiple.

Meant for Minecraft 1.8 and higher. When loaded, will attempt to generate more chunks beyond map borders. I recommend importing it into a server as flatland for performance reasons.

Proof of ownership: (worldpainter screenshot)

Latest updates

  1. Compatibility fix and Filesize Culling

    Apparently there was a compatibility issue with 1.8.8 In addition there were way more .mca files...
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