PAYPAL INVOICE BOT Generate Payment Links | F&F Support [unmaintained] 0.4

Generate PayPal payment links via Discord.
Introducing PayPal Invoicing Bot
A Discord Bot that generates PayPal payment links with a command.

Comes with the source file, and everything that needs to be editable is easily changeable.


Just fill it in with your desired prefix and your PayPal email! This also does not require a PayPal Business Accounts like most other Bots that generate payment links.

Command: -invoice <price> <service>
-invoice 25 Graphics



And that's it! Super easy to implement, and works great for any service-related Discord if you wish to bill clients with a professional looking system, rather than requesting them to send it to your email directly.

Now supports creating payment links using Friends & Family.
You need a link.

Then, just modify the "paypalEmail" option to your name (example, mine is "groans" so it would be paypalEmail = "groans";)

This Bot does not use a listener, and therefor will not alert you when an invoice is paid. You will still have to manually verify the payment has been completed.

Latest updates

  1. Friends & Family Support

    Now includes a secondary file if you wish to generate Friends & Family payment links. Refer to...
  2. Role Requirement

    New configuration option: const useRole = "Executive"; // Role required to use the command...
  3. Service Argument

    The service argument (-invoice <price> <service) now supports multiple words (ie; Graphic...
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