ChatSentinel - Premium Configuration 0.2.9

Best configuration for extreme Spam/Swear protection.

This is a PREMIUM configuration for the free BungeeCord/Spigot chat protection plugin ChatSentinel.

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This PREMIUM configuration took a lot of time to make, it has been used in big servers with real testing to ensure it brings the BEST antiswear/antispam protection.

This configuration detects spanish and english swearing, it has a advanced anti domain/ip regular expression to prevent most of spammers that try to bypass filters.

The configuration has over 6.000 words and over 85 unique combinations to prevent swearing and spamming.


Official server with PREMIUM configuration.



Leaving a positive review is important for the development of the plugin, as it can increase the debug rate and priority of the plugin on my carrer as a developer.

Latest updates

  1. ChatSentinel Premium - Update 0.2.9

    * Fixed some small false positives
  2. ChatSentinel - Update 0.2.8

    + Fixed false positives. + Added new anti-swearing combinations.
  3. ChatSentinel Premium - Update 0.2.7

    + Added .online domain to the blacklist. + Added some new spanish insults. * Fixed some small...

Latest reviews

Very good configuration, it helped me a lot.
Thank you for the positive review :)
It does not block the most basic of words, ranging from ni*, to fa*, fa***t, aut*is*, canc**, and the list goes on. This is not premium by any means.
Hi, sorry for that, we are working on the swearing methods, this config is mostly specialized for antispam and not for insults.
The letter "ñ" its blacklisted, can fix it?
Hi, the problem with that is that you will have to add it to the entire config file as it takes it as an empty space sadly. I will see how i can fix it.
Excellent config! It's awesome.
Thank you for your support! :)
I'll be honest,
The config looks complicated however fails to block a lot of bypasses that people use currently. (even very simple ones like changing a letteR)
Hi, if you want to report bypasses please contact on Discord. Changing letters is fixed in some of the detections but not all can be properly detected to avoid false positives.

For example, if you want to detect .tk variants it will have false positives with "tkm", same happens with a lot of insults some of their variants can trigger legits words to be detected.

Contacting me to fix bypasses is the best option possible as i can't notice all the bypasses by myself, i might have missed some variants, but i tried detecting a lot of them already.
Please add more features to this
Hi, what features would you like to see? :)
Good for almost everything! Only problem is that people can say "fvck" to bypass the f-word. The config is very complicated (hence why I bought this), so it would be helpful if this was fixed!
Hi! I will add this to my to-do list :)
Great config for anti-advertisment, but not so much for english swearing - has some false positives as well as bypasses. However it is worth it in the long run, can recommend it.
Hi, please report this errors in our discord, soon im making a update. Thanks.
Since my last review, it has definitely improved. There are still bypasses and it isn't perfect, but for the price it's really good. Definitely worth it
Thanks for your positive review :) i will try improving it time by time.
I love that you are selling this config. I have encountered some issues with swears not being blocked, along with players getting muted for saying words such as "creative" and "fun". If this is on my side, please let me know because I could have simply just made a mistake
Maybe you changed something wrongly as it doesnt happen on my server, anyways, thanks for the positive review :)
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