Minecraft 1.2.5 Skin Fix | Capes | Tekkit Classic 1.1

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This is a Minecraft Skin/Cape fix for version 1.2.5. Works with Tekkit Classic

This is a Minecraft Skin Fix (Patch) that fixes Minecraft Skins & Capes for version 1.2.5. This currently only works with Tekkit Classic. (reason listed below).

I decided to make this when my friends and I were playing Tekkit Classic, and realized skins didnt work. I googled around for a few hours only to find all the Skin Patches & Fixes were yet again broken as of Feb 2019. I am proud to announce yet another skin fix, that WILL work post February 2019.



I am currently doing investigating as to why this mod isnt working on current 1.2.5 distros. I am assuming the obfuscation changed somehow, which may cause a ton of problems as I am not sure how to map MCP functions/fields on my own. Ill keep ya guys posted.

Tekkit Classic:
1. Open the zip and extract all classes into {game_directory}/bin/modpack.jar
2. That's it. You've installed it.

Latest updates

  1. SkinFix 1.1

    Added UUID caching 1.0 had a in-efficient method of loading skins, by grabbing a user's UUID...
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