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ParkourLobby | A Parkour plugin for Lobby/Hubs 1.0-FIX

A Jump plugin for you Lobby/Hubs

  1. x9nico
    Supported MC Versions:
    1.8.8/1.8.9 (Maybe later, we don't have tested)
    Req. Server Software:
    Hello everyone ! Welcome to the plugin named ParkourLobby !

    The plugin
    ParkourLobby is a plugin destinated for your Lobby/Hubs for create Jumps with chronometer, checkpoint...

    - Chronometer
    - Checkpoints
    - LeaderBoard (Soon)

    Permission for admin's commands: jump.perm
    - /jump (Helps)
    - /jump create <name> (Create a Jump)
    - /jump edit <name> (Edit a Jump/Leave Edit mode)
    - /jump setspawn (Set a Spawn for the Jump of you are edit)
    - /jump addcheck (Add a Checkpoint to your Jump)
    - /jump finish (Add Finish's plate to your Jump)
    - /jump check (Teleport to Checkpoint reached (latest)) (perm: jump.check)
    - /jump stop (Leave the Jump) (perm: jump.stop
    - /jump remove (Delete the Jump of you are edit)


    * I would like to changes messages, etc... where I must go ?

    You have to go there: /plugins/ParkourLobby/config.yml or into the destination of your jump.

    * I found a bug, or I would like to send my idea for the Plugin, what must I do ?
    You can just send me a message in private or by email: [email protected]

    * I would like buy this plugin by PaysafeCard, can I ?
    Yes, come in PM and say me of you want pay in paysafecard with your PIN and the amount of $ there is on your paysafecard (must be the price of the Plugin).

    This plugin has been done by: x9nico, Chryster and JumperBoost.

Recent Updates

  1. Fix
  2. Added perm