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👌 Great icon pack for a server resource pack. Many options to choose from and friendly support :) 5 stars ;)
Excellent, Please release a new update. I've been waiting for it for a long time. Pls
The plugin its great, sadly, the developer has doing a recode and he doesnt update more the plugin
Really one of the best bedwars plugins, the developer is a nice guy and fixes bugs quickly, the updates are in Axel's discord
good Map
Simple and affordable!
Fr : franchement très bon serveur rien a redire en plus le staff et le pour nous aider (que en anglais mais avec google trad ca passe nickel), par contre prendre en compte le fait que le serveur est en anglais et non en Fr donc il faut faire des traduction il faut aussi prendre en compte que 2 plugins payant ne sont pas inclus dans le serveur ITEMSADDER=19$ et MAGICCISMETICS=7.99$

En : frankly very good server nothing to complain about in addition to the staff and the to help us
Thanks for your kind words. Glad you like the setup.
Nice Theme!
Best NamelessMC Theme
Very good addon, it adds a lot of improvements to the SkyWars plugin.
Good, another question. Who is the base version? I need it for Pterodactyl Panel
very good very nice 10/10 i like it :D
discord Jev_#8200
This has by far been the best bot release for discord ever, I have been using these systems since Sep 2, 2021 and I have never once thought about using another bot. Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to see what the future has to bring for us!
Thank you for the amazing review!
Previously my review was negative but I will change it since the problems were solved and the developer finally helped me.

It really is an excellent add-on even though the support should be improved, but regarding the bot everything is perfect.

Maybe have more helpers when answering tickets, this would make the response flow much better.

I hope this review will help in general to all the add-ons of this developer.

Thanks for the review!
Very well made icons for a really cheap price! Also a very professional man !
Thank you so much for feedback!
Looking good.
Royale Team
Royale Team
For sure i update the setup in this week thanks for your review.
Best Script ! Nice Working 100%
Plugin rất và nhà sáng tạo rất thân hiện, luôn hỗ trợ những vấn đề lỗi gặp phải.
The plugin is very friendly and the creators are very friendly, always helping with problems encountered.

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