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Useful resource but there are many countable mistakes that can be fixed!
Mostly placeholders and typos. And instead of the outline heads maybe changing them to stained glass would look cleaner and better.
It is definitely the best option on the market in terms of price and quality, it easily beats the private stores of other large servers, I recommend its purchase, 10/10
Undeletable te best customizer, so good is this practice setup, beatiful setting and good support
La verdad es que esta bastante bien, no les mentiré, pero el plugin en si esta mal optimizado, ya que no es estable en temas de rendimiento, si el creador soluciona el error, créame que recomendaría esto a ojos cerrado.
Best VirtualShop ever, and best developer
Theme is good. However, its a bit basic, and not enough colors in my opinion. Also, very hard to change to this since there is no support that i can find.
Hello im 24/7 on discord why u didnt contact me like all buyers...???
I've been using it for quite some time, and it works great. even at the beginning when I had a few mistakes the staff was very kind to support me to solve them.
They accept suggestions they are active and the bot is constantly growing, in the add-on market there are more and more and each developer has been kind and very capable in each add-on.
Give him an oportunity. it will surprise you, the best thing is not to wait years for an update
Best free self-hosted discord bot with amazing developers and addons.
One of the best setups in the market!
Can't wait for any further setups which would be addition to my network
Any question i had was answered within hours and explained professionally
Rabbite Dev
Rabbite Dev
Thank You!
Happy to have been a loyal customer after all these years. Mark is good at support and has done a stellar job with the config ever since I first started using it
Aww, thank you so much for the support and review!
Support is very fast and responsive. Features in ImanitySpigot are excellent.
5/5 Great plugin ⭐
This is one of the best HCF cores, heres my reason: First of all it has regular updates and fixes, Second, when you open a ticket they respond as soon they can, Third, It is very customisable and it includes abilities, and for finish, The price is really cheap for the quality of the product.
The perfect plugin to have on your server, great support from the author and highly recommended!
Amazing skyblock spawn, very good quailty and a very nice team! Would recommend! :D
Not updated now. Just use open source multipurproses bots it's better
Best plugin i highly recommend it.
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