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  1. GeorgeV22

    Selling a Old Discord Account

    I hope so!! Good luck with sales :D
  2. GeorgeV22

    Selling a Old Discord Account

    Yes but how this can be useful for someone
  3. GeorgeV22

    Selling a Old Discord Account

    and why you are selling this account ?? 0.o Mine is from 2016-12-22 bruh..
  4. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - Java 17 Paper 1.18.2

    ## 7.3.1 (2022-03-20) ### Bug Fixes Fixed unknown version on 1.18.2 (f750b96) Holograms (1c76fd1) # 7.3.0 (2022-03-20) ### Features * Holograms changes and build fix (942afe7) ## 7.2.1 (2022-03-14) ### Bug Fixes * Server.xml: working directory path fixed (8394a7e) # 7.2.0...
  5. GeorgeV22

    The new MC-Market is finally here!

    i love the new mcm
  6. GeorgeV22

    Hunter [Killstreak, Levels, Bounties and more] v1.0

    Installation: - Stop the server if it is running. - Move the plugin to the plugins folder along with the dependencies and all the soft-dependencies you need. - Start the server and wait for the hunter to load completely - Stop the server and do the first configuration. Please read me: Vault and...
  7. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - Java 8 and latest changes

    R-Moved maven, colors, database and inventory packages to Externals. R-Moved Utils to api (externals). A-Added DiscordWebHook and discord.yml. R-Removed unnecessary dependencies from pom.xml. C-Updated .gitignore to support eclipse project folders. C-Rename Externals to API. M-Moved Backup to...
  8. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - Fixes and additions

    A-Added new placeholders to holograms. A-Added notNull assertion to ItemBuilder#buildItemFromConfig. C-Sync the latest changes from lucko's maven library loader. C-Clean up and added NotNull annotations to R-Removed save when loading on PlayerListeners. F-Fixed...
  9. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - New features and fixes!!

    65bd20c: A-Added VoteInventory 37be5ef: F-Fixed DeveloperInformListener C-Some more tests to VoteInventory 60dc9a5: A-New Inventory for Vote and VoteTop command. A-ItemBuilder#buildItemFromConfig in order to build itemstacks easily from config files. R-Removed gui section from config.yml and...
  10. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - Latest changes and fixes

    0ef7983: A - Added DeveloperInformListener to get information of the plugin when I join to a server that runs VoteRewards. C - Changed the JavaDoc to LibraryLoader C - MVdWPlaceholder hook is now deprecated A - New class to create pairs (probably will be moved to externals like...
  11. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - A new release with new features (and probably bugs)

    Latest changelog: 51e78a0: R - Removed LeaderHeads hook A - Inventories added into the plugin(modified Inventories supports full RGB colors (1.16+) Inventories are pageable Inventories can be customized with custom items(those items...
  12. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - Latest changes, fixes and aditions

    Changes in pom.xml: Changed distribution management id from central to georgev22 Added maven-source-plugin and maven-javadoc-plugin Removed georgev22-snapshot and rename georgev22-release to georgev22 Changed scope for Externals, Interfaces, LegacyWorldEdit and NewWorldEdit New version on...
  13. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - Latest changes and fixes(again)

    Removed ConfigUpdater. Changed User#getName from #getString("name") to #getPlayer().getName() Changed user.getString("name", user.getName()) to user.getName() on UserVoteData Removed .append("name") Version changed to 4.3.6
  14. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - Latest changes and fixes

    Moved UserVoteData#Callback inner-class to utilities.interfaces package Added ObjectMap#getLocation New config values: * Added debug option for useless information * Added debug option for user data deletion. * Added purge values * Added monthly values * Added a new votetop value `line` *...
  15. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - Latest changes and fixes

    Changed ObjectMap to interface. New Map ConcurrentObjectMap. New Map LinkedObjectMap. New map HashObjectMap. Properly usage of HashObjectMap/ConcurrentObjectMap/LinkedObjectMap. User class extends to ConcurrentObjectMap. Changes on VoteRewards command. Added missing "v" on Some tests...
  16. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - v4.3.3 Release

    Added debug option for file creation Import jetbrains NotNull annotation in commands Changed ObjectMap from ConcurrentHashMap to LinkedHashMap Added org.jetbrains:annotations as dependency in POM Re-added VoteRewards set sub-command Changed version to 4.3.3 Jenkins link...
  17. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - v4.3.2 Release

    Removed modules Added type check and messages in Holograms command Fixes in code comments (Not visible in this commit changes) Some other changes
  18. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - Latest Changes

    Moved lucko's maven helper and xseries to Externals module Removed class in order to use the class from the repo Changed how User class works Added ObjectMap and Assertions classes Replace almost all Maps with ObjectMap Rename of WorldEdit modules Fixed Sound and VoteParty...
  19. GeorgeV22

    VoteRewards - MongoDB and other changes

    Comments: Keep a backup of you current config.yml I'm using lucko's maven helper in order to download the libraries in runtime (lucko's helper is not shaded in plugin jar. I'm just using those classes). As a...
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