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  1. Harry

    Dummy MC-Market API

    Already in the works. ;)
  2. Harry

    Resource Keys (Get access to resources by redeeming the key)

    I'm not sure a dedicated system for this would be needed with our plans for a coupon system. Ie. You generate a coupon code with 100% off and it would work practically the same way.
  3. Harry

    Premium jar files downloaded as htm files

    For anyone who's wondering about this - unsure on the progress of this fix though (the message was in early January):
  4. Harry

    Discord Information for Ultimate API

    As an update on this, we will be adding an optional field that returns a Discord identifier as a part of the member fetch endpoints within a coming update. However, that identifier will be sourced from our onsite Discord integration system, rather than the manually-inputted identity field. As a...
  5. Harry

    Add Resources Requirements

    From the Roadmap wiki:
  6. Harry

    Replies not permitted in thread drafts

    In regards to API testing, Justis came up with the great idea of an additional token type for development purposes. The Ultimate member could use it themselves for testing and we'd also allow it to be shared with developers they hire - preventing the need for the developer to have to purchase...
  7. Harry

    Ultimate API - no endpoint for username lookup

    This has been fixed now for reference. (y)
  8. Harry

    Ultimate API - no endpoint for username lookup

    Updated the documentation. It's /usernames/ rather than /username/. I'm also aware that names with spaces are returning a MemberNotFoundError. Again, should be fixed when we next push an update to production.
  9. Harry

    Ultimate API - Incompatible Return for API Docs (Resource Versions)

    I'll put this here in case anyone else was wondering.
  10. Harry

    Ultimate API - Timestamps

    That's just referring to an unsigned integer, not specific to any language. It's just meant to be a pseudocode-esque/abstract definition of the objects. Some languages obviously don't have any concrete definition of 32bit vs 64bit ints, so for some who've only used those sorts of languages, it...
  11. Harry

    Fix the god-awful api documentation

    Fixed those. I'll look through it again when I have time. To mention quickly, I had modified that endpoint to completely remove the "purchaser_name" field so it was consistent with the License object but clearly forgot to update it for that endpoint. I don't feel that's necessary since even for...
  12. Harry

    Ultimate API - Timestamps

    On the API side, all timestamps are parsed as u64s currently so I'm not quite sure where you're referring to regarding this. I assume you're referring to the Retry-After header for rate-limiting errors? If so, we have a burst limit set so seconds just weren't granular enough for this. Plus...
  13. Harry

    Fix the god-awful api documentation

    It was decided that we keep all documentation onsite in the form of Wiki pages rather than use any external service. Whether we want to reconsider that now after release, I'm unsure. I did originally want to use GitBooks, but after having written the documentation, I really don't feel that's...
  14. Harry

    Automatic Reply problems (placeholders and edit settings)

    A different addon is being used for conversation auto-responders than on XF1, and while it has additional features not present on XF1, I'm pretty confident it doesn't have any sort of placeholder feature. A custom addition to the addon could always be developed but that would be pretty lower...
  15. Harry

    Discord Information for Ultimate API

    Would be pretty easy to add. My only concern is that it wouldn't encourage two-way verification. I'd much rather end users of the API start a conversation when identity verification is needed, as that would require the member to respond onsite. For instance, it's plausible that someone has 2FA...
  16. Harry

    Ultimate API - Cloudflare! Hooray!

    Should be resolved now. Let us know if you run into any more Cloudflare challenges. (y)
  17. Harry

    API Member Feedback

    More specifically, all feedback was already transferred over during import but the totals for each member are still being rebuilt/recalculated. Once that's done, it should show correctly for all members. It's already showing correctly for members with lower user IDs, for instance, Mick.
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