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  1. xYoxa

    Name for Minecraft Staff Certificate Service

    StaffCertified CertifyourStaff BuildATeam FindATeamS StaffGraduate StaffSchool
  2. xYoxa

    Appeal for two forbidden products/services (Nitro/Boost)

    I believe it should be allowed.
  3. xYoxa

    A quick intro!

    Welcome and good luck!
  4. xYoxa

    Vouch! Amazing thread designer

    Vouch! Amazing thread designer
  5. xYoxa

    Cloud Prison Services

    Not a fan of medival stuff but gud luck bud
  6. xYoxa

    🎉10000+ joins🎉Cheapest discord ads🎉 Real people no token bs🎉

    Sins ads? Why are you making multiple threads?
  7. xYoxa

    Clothing Brand Name

    Maybe you'll like these: WearBear Clothes Shack Persuit Clothes Gamal Best Of The Best Shirt Super Shirt Treasure Clothes Treasure Firday Pants Standout Clothes
  8. xYoxa

    Free Steam Games!

    I'll take one <: xYoxa#1569
  9. xYoxa

    Officially Graduated Cake

    Nice!! Hope you have a great future & job :D
  10. xYoxa

    What’s a good hosting for a dev server?

    Not making any. But what could you have thats better than pebblehosts options?? Honestly had a very bad past with hosts like yours. Was dumb and went for them like shockbyte ect..
  11. xYoxa

    What’s a good hosting for a dev server?

    Urgh. Just let the guy use pebblehost. It has everything why are you advertising your host when pebblehosts budget is prob x10 better than yours.
  12. xYoxa

    What’s a good hosting for a dev server?

    Pebblehost,Heavynode & EnviroMC these are the best in my opinion. Pebblehost: For Budget server | I don't recommand Preminum Plans HeavyNode: Big Servers | Has bad support with business days... EnviroMC: Big servers | Has good support but is a small host
  13. xYoxa

    No more ads in chat

    I don't forgive you for using flashbang mode you flashbanged me.
  14. xYoxa

    $10 Paypal > Itunes Giftcard

    Don't have crypto. No idea how it works either. Looking to build trust. We can start with small amounts like $2 ect.. if you'd like 1652527391 Just wanna spend on a game I like XD
  15. xYoxa

    Steam what do u think bout this <;
  16. xYoxa

    $10 Paypal > Itunes Giftcard

    Hello all! I'm looking for a longterm partnership with someone that has access to buying itunes giftcards I can't connect my paypal to my apple ID as my Apple ID & Paypal region are both differnt. I can't change my apple ID because it wouldn't support paypals payment method I'm looking to pay...
  17. xYoxa

    Is it bad to make your (paid) plugins need to have a valid license?

    I don't know much about leaking but I'm pretty sure they can just change the code of your plugin so it dosn't require a license to open. (Not 100% sure) If it really stopped leakers all devs would have used it tho it might have a benafit I don't know about
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