1. Giotek


    CONFIGURACION DEL PLUGIN RANKUP + PANEL PERSONALIZADO El pack incluye Archivo config.yml de rankup Archivo es.yml rankup Archivo rankup.yml de rankup Configuracion de los paneles utilizados Complementos requeridos: rankup (premium): CommandPanels(gratis): AurelliumSkills (gratis): 15 rangos...
  2. Takky

    30% OFF [1.8 - 1.18] SKYBLOCK SETUP [RPG] -- Texture pack / Skills / Quests / Mines / Fishes, ETC 1.8.3

    RECOMMENDED VERSION PAPER 1.16.5: CLICK HERE 『⚔』CUSTOM MENUS - With texture 『⚔』MINES: CLICK HERE 『⚔』CUSTOM SOUNDS - Ambient and Menus (VIDEO CLICK HERE) 『⚔』SKILLS - With menu 『⚔』ATTRIBUTES 『⚔』COLISEUM BOSS - With menu [Custom mobs] 『⚔』QUESTS - With menu 『⚔』JOBS - With menu 『⚔』REWARDS /...
  3. SwartZ_

    Search Designer to make GUI like OriginsRealms

    Hi ! I search people to make GUI like this for skyblock server on resourcepack : Send your discord if you can make this :). For sure, i paid for that. Contact me on discord : Anto'#1234
  4. Guiltyy

    1.16.5 Prisons + Survival + Server ResourcePack

    My name is Chris, I'm selling a 1.16.5 server that includes a survival realm and prisons setup. The server is themed around bees and is called BuzzMC. https://buzzmc.org/ If you are interested, please add myself Guilty#0090 or my project manager, Jack.#1221 on Discord to further talk prices...
  5. PeakBT

    [HALLOWEEN SALE 15% OFF] Epic Eagle Spawn - Lobby 400x400 [6.79$] 2.0

    Epic Eagle ❯ Skyblock Spawn [Bundle x2] Size: 400x400 Cost: SALE 15% ONLY 6.79$ HAPPY HALLOWEEN ➽ Pet Store with bookshelf details ➽ NPC's Place ➽ Warp crates ➽ BlackMarket with the pirate theme ➽ Enchantment Library has a huge cauldron and fantasy medieval castle [+2 Library] ➽...
  6. K

    Need Staff Members for Star Wars server!

    KenobiCraft is an upcoming star wars server which is recent, and needs staff members to help it move forward. Im looking for 4 dedicated Builders, 3 Admins, 2 Moderators. You'll be required to put in at least 30 minutes a day as we are still starting out. All of these roles are voluntary at...
  7. S

    Looking for Staff ASAP | Players Daily | Established Server Since 2020 |

    Hello everyone! My name is ShadyPotatoes and I am the owner of Blue Moon Network. We are looking for some dedicated, friendly, and hardworking people to join our staff team today! We are an active and established server that gets players daily. Who are we? We are a java minecraft server that...
  8. NxunOnnilu

    30x30 Desert Parkour Map [$3.99]

    This is a 30x30 parkour map that I am selling for $3.99 ! I will only be selling 5 of these, so if you want your hands on this, you can convo me on MCM! This is only available for 1.16+ - Brandon
  9. Forsaken Services

    Hologram Problem

    Hello, My server is 1.16.5 and I use paperspigot. I tried it also with Spigot but I got the same results. Does anyone know how to solve this? When ever I make a hologram and I try to put in a color for example &dt (color pink). It doesn't work. Even color grades won't work. I use also...
  10. Forsaken Services


    Helllo I need some help with building a new survival server. The task I got is not a lot so I'm not offering any money. Could someone maybe help me out? The version will be in 1.16.5 Greetings
  11. Forsaken Services

    Sever Idea's for Survival

    Hello, I'm going to make a Custom Survival server but I need some cool idea's to implement so it'll never get boring and so there's always something fun to do. Any idea's? Please drop them down, it'll help me out a lot! (PS: the server will be version 1.16.5) Greetings
  12. Christoffers


    Selling a ready to launch Survival server with dungeons and RPG, Skills and pets. With their own skill tree! Server comes with a dedicated server contract, that has been paid for 6 months. Currently 5 months and 14 days left. Where account transfer will be made after buyer pays. The machine is...
  13. Darkover

    dScoreboard [1.16.5] | Light | Customizable | WorldGuard Support 0.1.2

    dScoreboard is an affordable and highly customizable plugin, perfect for any type of server! Its lightness is combined with worldguard support, which allows you to configure the worlds in which the scoreboard can be disabled. Need support? Join our Discord
  14. pugjr

    Selling Survival 1.16.5 Server

    For price or more details contact me
  15. B

    **New MineCraft Server** Looking for More Staff**

    We are looking for staff that are active and that know the game. We are looking for staff that can go out and find players and bring them to the community. Someone that knows there way around without much help. Not looking for Devs. We could use a few more builders. Message us on discord as we...
  16. ChaYe

    DreamAmusement UHC 1.2.3

    Features - Players can share their location to their teammates - Players can use team chest - Team chat function is provided - Timebomb appears if somebody died - When the border shrink, all players will be teleported to surface - Cut-clean^1 function is provided - Lucky apple^2 function is...
  17. SkyNightGaming

    Small Kitchen Map 1.0

    Small Kitchen map is exactly what it is, with a couple different decorations around the map, it's perfect for small mini-games or custom mini-games if you want to make some type of kitchen game, roll-play is also a great use for this map. Or feel free to add this to your map collections! (Can...
  18. Kzer0

    Looking for a server core 1.16

    Hello Mc-Market, I am looking for a server core (preferably already made and bug tested) in the Minecraft version of 1.16.5 that is able to do the same as this plugin. I would like this to be relatively inexpensive, and I would need it to either support MongoDB or MySQL! Fell free to shoot me...
  19. cnn

    TownyLands | Staff & Testers Needed!

    TownyLands Staff Needed TownyLands is an upcoming custom Towny Server running on 1.16.5, with tons of amazing features, our players are going to have a fantastic experience. We are hoping to launch within the next couple of weeks and are in need to fill certain positions that will be...
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