1. abishhh

    Minecon account cape 2011/12/14/16

    If you are interested in buying speak to discord: abish#7624
  2. S

    Minecon cape

    Discord:a aada#7282 I am looking for a seller that sells an FA Minecraft account with all 5 minecon capes to be exact 2011,2012,2013,2015,2016 In one account Payment methods: Paypal,BankTransfer,Any kind of giftcard
  3. S

    2011 Minecon Cape

    Im looking for a FA 2011 Minecon Cape account, send me your offers to my discord: HelberGazzo#2603
  4. P

    MINECRAFT 2011 ACCOUNT > Has a optifine cape > VIP+ hypixel : 17 dollars

    Hey, guys... So, basically Im getting rid of my minecraft account because meh... It is 17 dollars... Dm me on discord : personaldata#0007 if you want to chat. The payment will be done through a middlemen!
  5. Sapphire

    Minecon 2011 cape account

    want an account with email access / OGE (and im able to change it to my own email) secured for more than 6 months i dont care for name history or bans paying $130-150+ sapphire#0001
  6. Masked

    2011 or 2012 MineCon Cape

    Hey there, i'm looking for a 2011 or 2012 MineCon cape account or code. My budget is open as long as the price is worth the account. Willing to use Venmo, PayPal, or pay w/ BTC. PM me offers or post them here as a reply.
  7. casket

    MIneCrAft PHiLOsOphy

    Is selling a Minecraft account sCAMmIng because we accepted Mojang's terms NOT to!? This is why we don't wanna scam Mojang, They gave us these beautiful memories ..... Thank you, Mojang for the beautiful memories
  8. Sapphire

    Quicksell minecraft 2011 cape account FA

    Must be full access, secured, untouched for over a year buying for $50 why so cheap? i dont care about: name history bans i care about: email access (so the email provider must be active) a trusted seller
  9. S

    Will trade gift cards (any type) for 2011 or 2012 cape accounts

    I’m selling any gift card(s) for an account with 2011 or 2012 cape and a somewhat good name, name a price and if you need to contact me, tell me your discord and I will add you.
  10. Lehend

    suggestion for cape section

    is it possible to make that the selling format for capes include the year of cape on the title or in the mouse over "hover" cause the hover it shows if it has tid and the migrated date... buy not the year of the cape, and you got to click on everyone if looking for a cape of one year...
  11. McNuggets

    Different Cape Filters

    There should be filters so you can choose which capes you are particularly interested in. For example someone wants to buy a Minecon 2012 cape, and want it for a specific price, so this filter will help them to find what cape they are looking for easier and faster. There are also some special...
  12. jbmob

    BeastMc Needing Serious Staff!

    Hey My Name is Joel I am The Owner of BeastMc And i am Looking for Staff! To Help Me with the Server ! I am 20 looking for ANYONE who has experience with server Managing ! This Server is Gonna Be Big ! I am Gonna Advertise alot! Please Have Skype and add me on Skype ! This Server is a Semi...
  13. ImVahz

    Selling $20 Steam Gift Cards!

    I'm selling $20 steam gift cards for $15 each! Add me on Skype if interested: Zonecapt
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