1. Peach

    Looking for 3D Model / Texture designers

    Hello, I am in the works of a larger scale multi anime server, and am looking to for texture and model designers for textures and resources in the server. The models and textures vary from weapons and cosmetics and such. I am looking to have quite a few made with good quality and at a good...
  2. N

    3D Weapons V1.0.1

    Minecraft 3D Gun models Can be used with various plugins, like Items Adder, Crackshot, Quality Armory, MythicMobs. Optifine isn't required. Models will work on all of the Minecraft versions however, itemname change is needed to use it in older versions. GLTF files included.
  3. Watchers Of Fate

    3D Dagger 1.0

    This 3D Model is on the diamond sword.
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