1. S1iceAb1eZues

    AE Config Potion Enchantments [FOR HCF SERVERS] (FREE) Zeus Configs 1.0

    Enchantments: Speed 1-3 Jump 1-3 NightVision 1 FireResistance 1 Invisibility 1 Information Books won't work you will need to use the command /ae enchant [enchant] [level] this is to stop users that get a book in HCF no use to it. [usually, hcf server have it on the armor and no books] Enchants...
  2. Ewans_XD

    AdvancedEnchantments Configuration 1.0 - RELEASE

    » Configuration Information This is an AdvancedEnchantments configuration made for use on a skyblock (or survival) gamemode which includes 3 enchant tiers, no destorying items and gkits. This configuration is clean and simple for players to use (no success rates and balanced amount of non-pvp...
  3. OrangeChewy

    Advanced Enchant Balanced CosmicPvp Enchant Config 1.1

    This is a Config i made my self for Advanced Enchantments It is a Balanced Cosmic Pvp Config with Balanced Enchants and all Enchants up to Heroic in ( No Mastery Enchants) if you are wanting Mastery you can contact me in dms and i will be happy to work out a deal to configure them for you To...
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