1. VirtualSetups

    ColorDeluxe + PremiumTagsChat & Name Colors + 140+ Pre-made Hex & Gradient Tags 144.01

    THIS IS ONLY FOR 1.16 AND ABOVE AS HEX/GRADIENTS ARE UPDATES OF 1.16! [COMPATIBLE WITH ALONSOTAGS & DELUXETAGS] How about try it first? IP: This is a pre-made tags setup for AlonsoTags and DeluxeTags for your server needs! Make your donators stand out from the crowd with...
  2. Hyronic Studios

    SUPREME TAGS PACK | 190+ Cool Premade Tags, Goodbye DeluxeTags 1.1.7

    This is a configuration, not a plugin! ✨ FEATURE LIST ✨ • 190+ Tags: Yes, you heard it right, 185+ tags! And it does not even end there, as many, many more are planned in the future updates! • HEX Colors Tags: Bring even more colors to your server! With unlimited colors, tags are now...
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