amongus plugin

  1. BreadBuilds

    [Among Us] The Skeld map 1.1

    [Among Us] » The Skeld map Size: 140x72 Map from game Among Us rebuilted to Minecraft version Includes all rooms Cost: € 2.99 RESOURCE INFORMATION • Map from the game Among Us rebuilt to Minecraft version • Includes all rooms Size: 140x72 Versions: 1.8 - 1.18 ROOMS ∎ Cafeteria ∎ MedBay...
  2. ProIEZRush

    AmongUs Plugin Sabotage Kill Tasks Cameras Doors Minecord support AS3.0.0

    NOTE: If you purchased this resource and don't get any download button, please contact me here on my MC-Market profile. Hello everyone, thank you for viewing this resource, i wanted to share you my AmongUs plugin, this feature inspired by the original AmongUs game, the plugin has Taks...
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