1. M

    Best ac

    I am looking to buy an anti cheat up to $500. Any suggestions? Practice/kitpvp Version 1.7.1-1.8.9
  2. gtx1070

    Offering Minecraft Plugin Development! (Doing small projects for a vouch)

    Offering development services! Ever needed Small or Huge Plugins Discord bots Websites AntiCheats for your Minecraft Server? Message me! Discord: gtx#4649 or on here I've been working with java for about five years, and I started developing spigot plugins about 3 years ago. I have...
  3. J

    Looking for an anti-cheat developer

    Hello, We are looking for a reputable anti-cheat developer for a 1.7/1.8 practice server. Of course, this is gonna be paid. Please add nazuro#1015 on discord if interested. Thanks
  4. A

    HC-Factions [PVP] {Hardcore} {Semi-Anarchy} {Death Ban} {Brand New} {LOOKING TO PARTNER}

    FRESH WORLD, BRAND NEW SERVER The ultimate Hardcore PvP experience. 1hr Death Ban, No Plugins, No P2W. Recommended for experienced players only. Go solo, or play with others - but be careful with who you trust. This server is not for the weak, and simple mistakes could be costly. With a world...
  5. OmenDoesStuff

    FireFly Anti-Cheat | Lightweight | Efficient | Accurate |

  6. XDRmc_YT

    Best anti-cheat for skywars (also other pvp based games)

    What is the Best anti-cheat for skywars also other pvp based games aswell. my budget maximum is $100. Also no monthly or yearly payments only 1 time pay anticheats. Anyone know?
  7. kangarko

    Confiscate - Find Illegal Items & Bad Staff [1.7.10 - 1.18.2] | 10% SALE 3.2.2

    COMING FROM SPIGOT? Get FREE upgrade here. Upgrading from Confiscate 2 is automatic. 30-DAY NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND POLICY Testimonials: Featured on Story In the period of 2012-15, I was running a survival server hosting roughly 15-30 players... I was...
  8. ShazadPlay

    Best AntiAura checks ?

    Hey, what anticheat would give me best AntiKillAura checks out there ? (I'm running PvP server 1.17.X) I can pay, but want as low false positives as possible also i heard Vulcan is good one but who knows. Tell me your's recommendations :) (dont need other checks like movement because im using...
  9. K

    [Paid] Custom Anti Cheat

    Hello I would like to buy a custom made ac for 1.8.9
  10. JustDoom

    Flappy Anticheat 1.13 - 1.17 1.7.7 BETA

    Working on a re-code, it will include 1.8 - 1.17 compatibility, more checks, better performance and more features so updates will slow down. I will try to add a few new checks while I'm working on that though. You can see progress here Dev builds...
  11. kinomc

    Anti-cheat configuration production

    Claim: Can accurately intercept 3.07 Reach Player DragClick will not report any errors Can accurately intercept hackers and security hackers. Normal players will not report errors, or report a small amount of errors. Compatible with high CPS and TPS, PingSpoof inspection. Add me...
  12. Diz

    Buzz AntiCheat | Innovative detections done right! | Less than $1/day [StellarDev] 1.7+

    With so many anticheats available in this community, you can never be sure who to trust. Let me introduce you to Buzz AntiCheat, this will be the only anticheat you will EVER need for your server no matter what. Buzz offers a range of detections and features that vary from flawless >3.01 reach...
  13. Isnow

    Need help with my new upcoming anticheat | BitAC

    So recently, I started working on a new anticheat, named BitAC. Bit is a packet based anticheat and I need help testing for false flags / bugs with it. If you would like to help, join our discord server!
  14. Icaru

    Firewall Anti-Cheat - Source and Resell rights.

    Proof of ownership: Commands: - /alerts - Toggle on/off anticheat alerts. - /checkreach - Check reach for a specific player. - /cps - Check cps for a specific player. - /reachlogs - Check reach logs for a specific player. - /logs - Check global logs for a specific player. - /firewall -...
  15. I_Luv_Cowz

    Echo Screenshare Tool API Implementation 1.13

    Open sourced: Before you continue, you need to own either a personal or enterprise plan of Echo SS Tool to use this plugin. This plugin aims to help server owners use Echo's REST API to its fullest potential. This plugin allows moderators to: Freeze cheaters...
  16. Benzimmer

    AntiFreeCam (1.7-1.18) 1.3.2

    AntiFreeCam DISCLAIMER: THIS DOES NOT PREVENT FREECAM MODE ENTIRELY. It attempts to prevent as many interactions as possible while users are in this mode. This plugin is compatible with 1.7-1.18 but specifically made for versions < 1.13 as freecam in these versions can easily exploit chests...
  17. M

    Fully-customized plugins for your Minecraft server

    Fully-customized plugins for your Minecraft server "I did a complex project with Takacick and under tight deadlines. He did it like a champ! 10/10 highly recommended" -Ormen Hi, Takacick here... As the lead developer of a Minecraft network, I've spent hours working on plugins. I have...
  18. Encode42

    MatrixChecks 1.11.1

    ⚠ NO LONGER RECEIVING UPDATES HERE! ⚠ Check the repository for the latest changes. MatrixChecks The highly customizable, organized, and optimized checks configuration for Matrix Anticheat, a powerful, modern, and lightweight anticheat for Minecraft 1.8 and higher. ⚠ REQUIRED INSTALLATION...
  19. A

    Fully customized Factions server (70+ plugins)

    Selling Fully configured server (70+ plugins) I am selling a fully configured factions server which is based in the middle of OP factions and the vanilla factions. The server has already premade groups, premade kits, and all that stuff. The server version is 1.9-1.16 But if you want, you can...
  20. zyko

    Best anti-cheat currently

    Hello, I'm looking for a very good anti cheat current I'm currently making my server minecraft this one is a network with a hub then games several server for this kind of server advise you what anti cheat I would like an anti cheat really good if you can tell me which one to take I thank you for it.
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