authme lobby

  1. BreadBuilds

    [AuthMe] - Azure Lobby - 120x140 1.1

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Lovely azure lobby - can be used as Authme for your Minecraft server Size: ≈ 120x140 Versions: 1.8- 1.18 ∎ Portal ∎ Parkour ∎ Designed spawn area ∎ Created for authme ∎ Flying islands ∎ Custom trees ∎ Parkour ∎ Few structures and so much more.. DOWNLOAD - you'll recivie...
  2. Maazapan

    [20% OFF] Auth-Lobby Setup | Customs Plugin, Authme, Build 1.1.5

    This setup, as it says, is a login or register server, where users before entering the server all have to go to register or log in. My Others Setups and Plugins: You can get more plugins or setup in my mc-market profile or you can look for more...
  3. Lobinko

    [1.8+] Authme Lobby for FREE! 1.0

    ✨Authme Lobby✨ For FREE! Info: - Map is 20x20 - Its authme - and Its FREE! If you like this maps, you can rate it with ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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