1. JumpStartFactions

    AutoSmelter w/ Chance Plugin [1.8 - 1.15] 2020-05-24

    AutoSmelter Plugin - AutoSmelter is a simplistic yet unique plugin that allows your players to mine ores such as Iron, and Gold, in order to receive them already smelted(With a chance) - Everything is completely configurable with the unique config, you can change the block, what said block...
  2. kennycs

    [FREE] AutoSmelt (1.7-1.8) 0.1

    Info: Automatically smelts ores when mined by a pickaxe. Makes sure to take into account enchants, which are fortune and silk touch. Terms of Service: Do not resell or re-release this plugin. Proof of Ownership: Showcase: Source:
  3. Elemental

    ElementalAutoSmelt (Outdated) v1.0.0

    Simple plugin that allows you to let your player automatically turn mined ores into ingots! (Can be used as a donator perk!) - /autosmelt info - View the current config file information. - /autosmelt reload - Reload configuration file. - Opped players get access to all commands and events...
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