1. Axelie

    Small 1v1 Arena Bundle

    Hello! These 1v1 arenas were built for a client, who once again stopped replying halfway through the process. So now it's being sold here. I don't remember original price. Starting bid: $2 Minimum Increment: $1 BIN: $6 This is for ALL of them, not just one. Contact either by commenting, or...
  2. Axelie

    100x100 HQ Medieval Prison Mine (Shop & Trees)

    Hello everyone! Selling this 100x100 prison mine, that was originally built for a customer of Entity Builds, who stopped responding halfway through the process. Therefore, I have no screenshots of me building this, but if really necessary, most members of Entity Builds will leave a vouch...
  3. Axelie

    Axelie Build Thread Anything you need Always HQ af

    Axelie Build Thread Professional Builder. Info: I usually just build constructions that I want to build, but after years of building, I've ran out of ideas. That's why I'm making this thread. Instead of building something I want, and sell it to you guys, I'd much rather have you tell me what to...
  4. Axelie

    [~200x175]Beautiful Medieval Spawn[Very HQ] ---> SOLD <---

    MAP IS SOLD. CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT ME TO BUILD ANYTHING. MY SKYPE IS: "AXELIEINC" <---------------------------------------> Medieval Spawn By Axelie Info: I started on this project about three months ago, and I've been building on it every day since then. Everything is built by myself, and...
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