1. Ellie

    6x Hand Drawn Loot Pouch Tebex/Buycraft Icons 2021-11-20

  2. ItzFabb

    🎒┃ Backpack+ Config 3.0

    This is not a plugin! this is a configuration
  3. Aelin

    Coin, Gem & Rank Mega Pack - 27 Store Icons | $6 | COMES WITH CHESTS, STACKS AND SINGLES! $0.22/ICON 2.0

    This coin and gem mega pack includes a whopping 20 icons, including 10 coin icons and 9 gem icons, as well as a star. There are bags of coins and gems, stacks of coins and gems, and crates/chests. All together, this pack has a value of over $100 if it were custom. Perfect to fulfill any purpose...
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