1. Kappios

    Atlantis Setups Balance Top GUILightweight Leaderboard | 2.0

    Atlantis Setups is back with a balance top GUI! Encourage your players to compete for the balance leaderboard by displaying the richest on the server. There are three different color options ready to go upon purchase. This resource is very easy to install on your server, as this is a very light...
  2. JustDoom

    BalTop GUI 1.3

    As of 6th October 2021 I, JustDoom, have taken over management of this resource from its previous owner
  3. Bryce

    [FacPack] Online Player Baltop Module 1.0

    Welcome to FacPack Baltop This module is a quick little module designed to replace the old essentials /baltop which shows the balance of all players server wide, with a /baltop that only shows the balances of currently online players. Installation: 1. Install FacPack-Core. 2. Restart Server 3...
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