ban config

  1. Vagdedes

    Global Bans | Prevent Hackers From Joining Your Server Build 6

    Global Bans 14 Day Money Back Guarantee Consistently Developed Since 2021 Out-Of-The-Box Functionality Asynchronous Processing Simplified Configuration Private Cloud Storage Easy to Use Description This is a plugin every server should have. When a player joins, it checks them against a huge...
  2. Vincent de Rooij

    Litebans Configuration | HIGH QUALITY | CUSTOM MESSAGES | 3 THEMES 1.1

    Litebans Configuration This Litebans configuration features 3 themes to add in your server. The config is prepped for a Factions server, but can be used on any server by just doing a quick CTRL + F Replace. All messaged are customized to fit the perfect picture. (You will need a premium plugin...
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