1. Y

    Looking for Minecraft Event Logo

    Hi! I run an event called Bear Events and I need a logo for it + a banner! dm me if you are interested Youn#2946 Will pay (dm for prices)
  2. Mr.Khan

    TheCluster | Illustrations, logos, banners, etc.

  3. Dexter Services

    **Canvas Widgets** (Rank Cards, LeaderBoard, Profile, etc)

    I am full stack developer I can make websites here's my cv I am making canvas widgets if you are interested dm me: Dexter#2000
  4. M

    NameMC Custom Banner Skin Art

    ▀▄▀▄▀▄ Mcfly's NameMC Skin Art ▄▀▄▀▄▀ $10 dollars and you have a perfectly customized NameMc skin art to match your Minecraft name. Here is some work I've done Let me know what you want, I can do anything! Contact me on discord ▌│█║▌║▌║ stephen#1694 ║▌║▌║█│▌
  5. CorruptedSoul

    ✔️ DevRoom Team - Animation Services ⭐| Reputable Team | 400+ vouches! ⭐

  6. Russianized


  7. SlicedWatermelon

    Server Icon & Server Banner

    Hello im looking to purchase server icon and server banner for my server. Send me offers please. Discord: SlicedWatermelon#7432
  8. Xannix

    ⚜️ «#1» Static Server Banner Shop ⭐ (Cheap, Quick & High Quality)

    All static banners $8.00 (.PSD included for $10.00) Vouch Copies (0/4) "Must have rep" *DISCLAIMER* I only made these examples for show, I did not work with these servers. I used their logos on google to display as example work. Once I start getting work I will be switching these out...
  9. Noahstav

    ⭐️ High Quality Designs from Noahstav ⭐️

  10. s1ke


    Hello! I'm currently offering service for graphic designs. whether it is Logo, Banner, Thread Design, anything I'm currently giving few 3 vouch copies for my gfx service. PRICE LIST: $5 - Logo, Banner, Header $10 - Thread Design Vouch copies given 0/3 Please dm me on discord if you are...
  11. Y

    Get a Minecraft profile pic and banner at a cheap price

    I will make you a minecraft profile pic and banner that you can use in any social media you like for 5$ contact me on discord : Yiker#4806
  12. P3qU


    Does anyone know where I could find how to make this banner design? Or is there anyone who could recreate it? I've looked everywhere. Please help. Thank you. <3
  13. Note

    Youtube logo + Banner needed

    Hello :) I am looking into starting a channel and am requesting a vouch copy for a Youtube logo and/or Banner. If you are able to do any of the two then feel free to contact me on here ( Note ) or on discord ( Note#4502 ). Thank you so so much! Note
  14. MGCreative

    [OPEN] MGCreative |Server Logo | Server Icon |Wallpaper |And more..!

    Hello to everyone. I wish you healthy and happy days. I'm Mert Gezer, so MGCreative. I want to present my designs to you. I have been working in this sector for 5 years. Customer satisfaction is very important to me. I deliver the product within 1 day (2 days at the latest). If you want to...
  15. R

    Flux Service | Fastest Growing Bot and Editing Service

    Flux is a discord server for bot making and editing service for people that needs a cheap and reliable services. What we offer Ultimate Bot for discord shops and community Complete set for ppl that looking for moderation and payment system for paypal it can create invoices automaticly without...
  16. TheMagicalWin

    [DrawVival Studio]⭐GOOD QUALITY ART⭐Prices start from 10€❗EXTRA FAST DELIVERY FOR FREE❗

    Please wait... Discord:TheMagicalWin#9493 Animated Logo(GIF+.png) 25€
  17. Rocket Designs

    ✬ Rocket Designs ✬ Twitch & Youtube Graphics » Cheapest On The Market

  18. TFX

    ⚡ ThrustFX Graphics Shop ⚡ Stream Packs . Threads . And More

  19. TheMagicalWin

    [DrawVival Studio]⭐GOOD QUALITY ART⭐Prices start from 10€❗EXTRA FAST DELIVERY FOR FREE❗

    Please wait! Thread page is loading... Discord: TheMagicalWin#9493 Animated Logo (GIF+.png) 20€
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