battlepass plugin

  1. FearfulDenizen

    CustomLevel | Fully Customizeable Battlepass | 1.10-1.15 2.0

    1.10-1.12 Servers DOWNLOAD HERE: Get Started Drop the jar file into your server/plugins folder and reload your server. - Configure all levels and rewards using the config.yml file that is generated...
  2. vict2292

    MultiPass | Customizable BattlePass plugin | Up to 54 custom BattlePasses | Add your own events! 1.5

    About: MultiPass is a complex, but simple to understand BattlePass plugin, that allows you to tune and tweak the BattlePasses to cater to your playerbase. All of the challenge events have been fine-tuned to create the best server performance and avoid unnecessary hiccups. A deep and explanatory...
  3. nbdSteve

    BattlePass+ (Free BattlePass Remake)

    Pass+ Pass+ is a comprehensive, detailed and expandable pass plugin developer for Minecraft using the Spigot API. This plugin is inspired by the BattlePass apparent in the game Fortnite, some cross over features are things like: Tiers, Weekly Challenges and some sort of experience. The plugin...
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