1. C4RLOZ


  2. MelleJunior

    [HQ]Big Medieval Red Hub 350x350 1.12+

    A big hub with well-located structures and a big space for your players to explore. The map has a location for 5 NPCs and several medieval houses decorating its interior. Version: 1.12+ Size: 350x350
  3. C4RLOZ


    ➠ A very beautiful Castle ➠ 1.12 Blocks ➠ Affordable Price ➠ Many places for Npc's ➠ Mistery Boxes ➠ The castle has a small interior for your things ➠ Price: $20 ➠ Resell Rights: Yes ➠ Interested? tell me in Discord: Carlos Eduardo#6609
  4. BlocksMc

    Lobby Arcade very cheap only| 284x298 [3.85] 1.1

    Size: 250x250 enjoy this arcade-themed lobby in you server!. Version: 1.8+ ⭐structures (castle) ⭐Spawn point area ⭐Places for information ⭐Large floating island ⭐Organics ⭐thematic arcade And more!!! Schematic: 1.8+ IMPORTANT! /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0
  5. E


    discord: lost#2222 price: ?? offer please payment: btc or eth :)
  6. BlocksMc

    [48 Hours Auction] Exclusive | Heroe Map | Resell Rights | 250x250

    48 hours auction It is a map whose theme is based on heroes, it is a fairly complete and beautiful lobby. include the render. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- details 250x250 version 1.8+ Including renders Exclusive +...

    Lutumn Spawn World [800x800] HQ, Interiors, Islands 1.1

    Description | hub the size of 800x800 blocks, with places for NPCs and for your things, with residential buildings (there are also shops) in which there is a beautiful and diverse interior, with a large castle and a beautiful square with a fountain in the form of a lion, and a couple of airships...
  8. xumon


    I am selling a server with around 10k members and 700 boosts. always 1000-3000 online members. 5000 online at peak. NOT SELLING ANYMORE.
  9. Whartokx

    Fantasy Island Hub / Skyblok / Faction Spawn 320x320 [3.99] 1.0 (MC 1.8 and +)

    FANTASY ISLAND (AND TREE) (whartokx) Price : 3.99 EUR We are Whartokx. A team of 6 builders / designers, passionate, experienced, and doing our best to satisfy our community. We build for several servers, but also lots of maps available on MC-MARKET! If you want to visit our builds through our...
  10. DeptraiCZ

    Azure lobby | 400x400 | Only € 4.99 |

    Azure Lobby | 400x400 | Price: € 4.99 [Buy here] Includes: Lobby Space for holograms or NPCs Villages Houses and forests Places for 7 NPCs [Editable] 2x Place for Crates [Editable] Download: The download folder is in .zip In the folder is Schematic - Before loading the schematic...
  11. DeptraiCZ

    Azure lobby | 400x400 | 4.99 | 1.1

    Azure Lobby | 400x400 | Price: € 4.99 Includes: Lobby Space for holograms or NPCs Villages Houses and forests Places for 7 NPCs [Editable] Version 1.8 to latest 2x Place for Crates [Editable] Download: The download folder is in .zip In the folder is Schematic - Before loading the schematic...
  12. S

    Selling a 1500+ discord server

    DM SuperNordic#4632 to buy
  13. SW-Team

    [LOBBY/HUB] BIG & CHEAP ORIENTAL THEME 2021 2021-05-16

    Oriental Hub [350x350] $5.99 _________________________________ A beautiful lobby with an oriental theme. _________________________________ CONTACT: Latency#0001
  14. DeptraiCZ

    Exclusive Fantasy Hub 550x550 with full Resell Rights

    Exclusive Fantasy Hub Size is 550x500 Includes: Place for 7 NPC's. Map is supported from 1.8.9. Size is 550x550. There are spaces available for holograms or other NPCs. Full Resell Rights If you are interested or have any questions on this lobby please email me on discord: DeptraiCZ#6879
  15. Outsslxz1

    Tropical Lobby - Hub | 150x150 | [$3.00] [Non-Exclusive]

    Tropical Lobby High Detailed Lobby + Hub 1.8+ Price: $3.00 Information: - The map is supported for all versions from 1.8 - The size of the map is 150x150 - On the map is place for 3 NPC's (it is possible to add more) - Place for 3 Crates (it is possible to add more) - Place for...
  16. slavygg

    Popping Discord Server

    Hey guys, I made a new server alongside a few of my friends from another very popular forum called o*u. We are looking for another person to help us grow and thrive the server is very active but we need more people to invest with us, we want to grow this server to 100k+ and to at least 40-50k...
  17. T

    Minecraft Server 7000 Unique Joins and 3500 discord members.

    I have been running my server for a while now and wish to sell, This is due to wanting to move on to stuff outside of Minecraft. We have a big and dedicated community and I would be happy to speak to anyone about buying the server. I want my hands clean of it so I want to sell the whole server...
  18. Nanowave

    CUBEXCRAFT Network [1.16] BIG Potential

    Hello Everyone! I'm selling my server CubexCraft. The server has been worked on for the past few months and all that's needed is advertising, When you buy this server you will recieve both the hub realm & kingdoms realm. you can see the server @ Images: Whats included? -...
  19. GeniusWolf

    Spawn | Town Hall | [ONLY 5] 2021-01-26

    Spawn | Town Hall Price: 5€ Informations: - Can be used as Spawn map - The size of the map is 345x225 Download: - The map is saved in schematic Support: - If you have any question/problem, just contact me in PM!
  20. TerneyDK

    [EXCLUSIVE] Castle Hub | 300x300 ($15)

    Hello, I am selling an exclusive fantasy castle hub. Here it is; (only $15) - be quick Hope you like it! Discord: Bertram#4762
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