Banning or blacklisting a user from your resources

    Hello, with this suggestion the authors of the resources should be able to ban/blacklist a user from being able to see or purchase a specific resource.
  2. RiznSun


  3. BotiiX

    Blacklist plugin

    As the title says. I would need a blacklist plugin so you can do /blacklist (player) and it IP-Bans them.
  4. CreepyDev

    ForgeModsControl | Keep control over your players ! [50% OFF]

  5. xSavior_of_God

    Best AntiBot Solution Herox AntiBot Suport Bungeecord and Spigot V3 Beta-210

    <! UNDER RECODING ¡> Herox AntiBot Herox AntiBot is a new generation plugin that prevents all Bot attacks Why Herox AntiBot? FEATURES - Check Whitelist Nick or IP; - Block Ping Attack (only for bungeecord); - Compatibility with Spigot; - Blocks 99.99% Bots; - Check Blacklist Nick or IP; -...
  6. Ghast


    Web panel preview: ACACIA THEME: Commands & Permissions: /blacklist <user> <time> <reason> --> Blacklist a user /unblacklist --> UnBlacklist a user /rblacklist --> View blacklist command /blacklist (zora.blacklist) /unblacklist (zora.unblacklist)...
  7. Jeyzer

    NoWildSpawners - Blacklist spawners in wilderness

    It will not permise you to place spawners out of your own territory. - Blocked unclaimall. - Blocked disband. - Blocked entity spawning if spawners is not in claimed territory. Compatible with: » SavageFactions » FactionsUUID » Ultimate Factions Price: 5$ Discord: TheAngel_00#0171
  8. Landon

    {AntiSwear} Simple Chat Filter 2.1

    This is my first plugin. Releasing it for free because I'm pretty proud of it, although it's a super simple concept. What is this? This is a lightweight plugin that checks player messages for words that you have blacklisted in the config.yml file. If a blacklisted word is in the message, it is...
  9. Danny Q.

    Blacklist Plugin

    Hello, I am looking for a Blacklist plugin with MySQL support, I need it where it blacklists the IP as well & able to configure the chat messages Commands: - /blacklist <player> <reason> - /unblacklist <player> Permissions: - blacklist.blacklist - blacklist.unblacklist Since this is a very...
  10. Score

    Blacklist 2017-07-28

    Blacklist: My Blacklist is a plugin that allows you to blacklist a player from the server. Of course, you can always ban a player but that can be difficult to do if you reset your bans for the server every so often. With this, all of the players are stored in a separate file. Servers: Is your...
  11. Score

    ▶▸⌛Blacklist Plugin⌛◂◀( $2.50) (Cheap)

    Hello MC-Market, Today I am selling a blacklist plugin. Notice: This plugin was originally made by Cloth for a user off site, I have recently purchased full rights and src to this plugin. [?] Need confirmation on the plugins ownership handover, message me. Features: [+] UUID Blacklist [+] IP...
  12. YoloSanta

    Blacklist thread

    hello guys I was wondering if someone could make me a skript where I do /blacklist <name> And the skript we'll send external command and they do /banip <name> Blacklisted /ban <name> Blacklisted
  13. Incrementing

    MCUUID.COM - "Just another web based Minecraft API wrapper."

    A speedy REST API written in Go for everything Minecraft. FEATURES: Get UUID from Username Get users full profile from UUID Get users username from UUID Get users past usernames Get users skin (png) Get users 2D face (png) Get users 3D head (png) Get users 3D body (png) Get all server...
  14. anonymousplugins

    Blacklist plugin

    This is a blacklist plugin that I've been working on, if their is any error/glitches please pm me then I can update the plugin. The basic of the plugin is to remove player's from the server by banning the player's UUID. I will not be giving Vouch copy. PROOF OF OWNERSHIP...
  15. _IDoctorI_

    Anvil Rename Blacklist

    Hello, I have spent some time searching for a plugin that will do one simple task for me, prevent the renaming of items in an anvil. I would like to prohibit specific names from being used on items so that I can prevent inappropriate item names on my server. I need this plugin to have a config...
  16. Croc

    [PSA] A message from the web dev/designer community.

    Greetings MC-Market! After a discussion amongst the reputable web developer/designer community on MCM, we have voted to collectively make a brief PSA regarding some happenings on the site lately. As of late, some members of the MCM community have been being dismissive of the valuable skills...
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