1. EmSockz1

    [FREE CONFIG] RoseTab Animations | Prefixes | Premium Tab 2021-09-28

    ✿ Free RoseTab Config ✿ ✋ THIS IS A TAB CONFIGURATION. THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN! ✋ This is my first resource, please don't judge strictly :) This configuration includes: ⟫ Rank & Prefixes & Nametags: 8 Uniquely Customized prefixes for your players...
  2. Essence Config


    This resource will give a different and unique look to your server! which can attract even more the attention of many users. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] If you need help or have any questions, you can enter our discord! We are always active...
  3. J

    InteractiveBoard 10.7

    You can also purchase the plugin here InteractiveBoard is an unique and innovative solution for true contextual graphical user interfaces in Minecraft. Anything from touchscreen shops to teaching players your server mechanics with...
  4. DordemZM

    Crazy Scoreboard config 3xThemes 4xGameModes [Infinite Scoreboard-QuickBoard ] (1.8->1.17) Beta-3

    Do you very lazy to set up Your scoreboard? You can buy this config and add it to your server with few clicks ✨Features✨ animated Scoreboard easy to setup 4 gamemodes 3 themes Discord support for if you want to ask about anything or order special config for you More will add soon A lot of...
  5. Minevid

    BingoPro 3.1.1

    Play bingo with the whole server and give the winner a nice reward. Easy to configure items Easy to configure rewards World Guard support Customize almost every message Customize prefix Choose wether or not you want the prefix Unlimited items Unlimited rewards Custom permissions Permission...
  6. L

    5 Hub Score Boards Cheap Easy to use 1.0

    Blow you will find 5 Premade Lobby scoreboards for the price of one. Custom made, smooth and unique. Theme 1 Theme 2 Theme 3 Theme 4 Theme 5 Features Clean and smooth Scoreboard Showcase all the important aspects of the network Affordable Custom made 24/7 Help and support for updates and...
  7. Ted

    ULTIMATE Factions Feather Board Configuration! CHEAP ALL FACTION VERSIONS SUPPORTED! Currently Version 1.1

    An ULTIMATE Factions Feather Board Configuration, Never seen before! Containing over 2,500+ lines of unique configuration. This resources is RECOMMENDED for Factions, but it can be used for other game modes too! Currently supporting 3 of the BIGGEST Faction Plugins! Note: When purchasing this...
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