1. oadpoaw

    Selling a discord bot with an intuitive dashboard ASAP

    The bot: P.s not selling the actual bot but full control of the bot's and website's source code. Contact me at discord undefine#2690 for details and pricing. Why am I selling this? - For healthcare treatment.
  2. H

    Discord Token Generator Bot

    I've made this bot in nodejs with various packages like puppeteer. every token generated will stay online for 6hours everyday at random times with each account having random status , pfp & username It can join servers automatically but you need which server to join before generating You can only...
  3. asqry

    ⭐asqry's setups 🖥️ - Custom 🍃, Quality ✅ Affordable 💰⭐

  4. dotdot

    Offering Custom Discord Bot that Integrates w/ Minecraft

    Here are some of my works. Chat Integration Leaderboards that automatically reset and give rewards every week. Server Status Bot Commands Bot Activity that shows how many players are online Two Factor Authentication Suggestion Verification System Console channel...
  5. RocketPlugins

    🚀 RocketPlugins - Reliable, cheap and fast bot development [Host included]

  6. Kevko_

    Discord custom bots with deadline in 3 days

    Discord bot: Ticketing system (Seperate bot) Chat moderation (purge, ban, kick, warnings), Spam & filter (Seperate bot) server statistics (Seperate Bot) Invite tracker (Seperate Bot) Leveling System (Seperate bot) Verify system (So UNDER NO POSSIBLE circumstances, bots or fake people can join)...
  7. oadpoaw

    🎉 Astzoid Discord Bot and Server List 🎉 Moderation 🎉 Leveling 🎉 Tickets 🎉 and more! 🎉

    Astzoid is one of many unique discord listing services which comes with multiple advantages for guild owners. From advertising your server for free to moderation and support, Astzoid assures a secure and problem free experience to those who decide to choose our service. Why you should choose...
  8. _krqn

    Minecraft discord bot

    I am looking for a minecraft discord bot that are able to link your minecraft account to the discord server by doing /link ingame and then link the account for a reward ingame I also want the bot to have a simple ticket system where I can make a panel then have the people to be able to create...
  9. QuartzWarrior

    Custom Discord Bot Services

    Cheap Discord Bot Services starting at 5$ Pricing depends on what you want. Ticket Bots Moderation Bots Minecraft Bots etc.
  10. V

    [FREE] Discord bots

    Hey! I would like to increase the number of projects on my portfolio. For a limited amount of time I will be offering free discord bots! If you are interested please add me on Discord Bram#9594.
  11. Kritex

    Selling DDoS & Bot Protection Slot for TCPShield *Premium Plan*

    TCPShield Premium plan is basically great protection for DDoS & Bots. Currently, I have 2 slots to sell each month. I am using on 500+ player network. It has unlimited bandwidth, and player count. I strongly suggest if you would like to play big on market. Trust from players requires strong...
  12. DexterTheDev

    Selling Moderation Discord Bot with fully customized Dashboard

    I am Dexter#2000, And I am selling discord bot fully moderation with dashboard with the following features: Auto Mod: An automatic system to help remove unsafe spam links and invites. Dashboard A built-in responsive web dashboard to configure our bot to your desire. Moderation system...
  13. D

    Discots | Inexpensive Discord Bot Creation

    Welcome to Discots. A place where you can purchase a custom bot for your discord server. It is the best place for inexpensive, high quality bots. You can make the bots do anything from moderation, to utility to music to games! It is easy to get started as well! Benefits: With inexpensive...
  14. C


    Discord account with bot badge established in 2019 is for sale. You can make price offers. Payment will be made from Binance. Contact me on discord: 'Crexy.🌙#5952
  15. Epicrazer27

    [LOOKING FOR DEV] Ranked Bedwars - Minecraft BedWars & Discord Bot link

    Hi there, I am in development of a semi-new Minecraft server with the title of Glory-Network. Currently, I also have a discord server for Ranked Bedwars holding around 500 members as of today. Our team is in heavy need of a developer that can work with coding a Discord Bot, working with...
  16. aledlb8

    License System | Auth 1.1.4

    Hello I'm glad to present License System Built with NodeJS, Express for API, Discord.JS for BOT, MongoDB for Database Our API use HTTP POST request, meaning you can add License System to almost any application you can imagine with a high security level Features License API endpoints Login...
  17. Function

    [20% OFF] Verification Bot | #1 Verification Bot on Mc-Market | Easy | Configurable v1.1.2

  18. nidzoo

    [$9.99] ⚡ Champion Ultra ⚡ | ADDONS | BACKUPS | MODERATION | MUSIC | ECONOMY | GIVEAWAYS & more

    WIKI (Features, Commands, Addons) SUPPORT SERVER
  19. hama1c


    Luccas#7974 very cheap send me message if u want to buy it Hama#9727
  20. nidzoo

    [$9.99] ⚡ Champion Ultra ⚡ | ADDONS | BACKUPS | MODERATION | MUSIC | ECONOMY | GIVEAWAYS & more 1.1.4

    WIKI (Features, Commands, Addons) SUPPORT SERVER
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