1. JustGreg

    Voluntary Building!

    Hello! I'm Greg! I'm currently looking for builders to help finish a spawn me and my friend a working on. Just some finishing touches! Its all avatar themed (Avatar the last air bender). Hope we can find atleast 2 people to help out. Thanks, Greg!
  2. Daniell0013

    Daniell0013 Quality Builds/Low Price/Fast Delivery

    --Snake Build-- ------------------------------------------------------- Price start from 5+ dollars to 40+ dollars 50x50 / 200x200 Paypal Only For more information contact : Personal Discord : Daniell#3133 -------------------------------------------------------...
  3. Medil

    The Fairy Palace 2019-11-10

    Today I bring you my new project, The Fairy Palace. It was inspired by a disney movie and some other images, it took about 2 months to complete since the idea was not clear. It contains a central area for the spawn of the players and the NPS and the rest is all exploration. Twitter: @ iBhavi_...
  4. CaptainStarplex

    Looking for configurators!

    Hello, I am deciding to make network - I want people who want to do well, I can build, config, and be a decent staff and I'm learning how to develop plugins. I need people who can be willing to build or configure plugins for servers. I am looking for around 20 staff for a server, each person has...
  5. Movu


  6. AeusS


    Hi guys ! Today im selling a big Server MAP ! Its called MJKits (Check on Youtube) The server died and today i want to sell the map for my future project ! Here is some screeny : http://hpics.li/45bcf2b http://hpics.li/261f7e0 http://hpics.li/8d0debb I will be selling it for minimum 40€ ...
  7. ChronosYT

    Faction Spawn + Custom Terrain

    I am selling this spawn since i do not use it, and yes i do have permission to sell this from the owner. Proof: https://gyazo.com/77b0cdf9f191d64b6a859e97bc2dfaaa Spawn: https://gyazo.com/3974ede9769d142e7a603264d40fba51 Skype: tkanbro
  8. S

    Any Builds

    Within 24 hours my team and i will create most of the suggestioned builds that you comment bellow. Please also comment how much you would be willing to pay for the build you describe if you are willing to pay! Since we are in this for $ in the long run we will be offering the builds for sale...
  9. JVW_

    Cheap Hub

    Hey everyone! Im selling this hub for cheap because i have no use for it anymore Screenshots: Starting Bid: $3 BIN: $10 Current Offer: If need more info contact me on mc-market or skype skype name: JVWMinecraft
  10. JamieM

    Selling Servers | Fully Made | Cheep | Fast

    Hello people of MC-Market I am starting a cheep server building market! Information - Cheap - No Hassle - Fast - High Quality Prices And Timing - Factions 1-15 Days ($5-$100) - Prison 3-20 Days ($10-$150) - HCF 1-15 Days ($5-$50) - KitPvP 2-20 Days ($7.50 - $100) - Any Other Ideas (Timing And...
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