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  1. Folium Construct

    Folium Construct Services | Cheap & Professional Builds | 45+ Clients, 60+ Reviews

    Main Portfolio: You can view the portfolio of all our freelancers on the discord server. Twitter: Discord:
  2. Eco Studios

    Eco Studios | ✔️Buildings & Landscape | Amazing | 30+ Vouches
  3. Eco Studios

    Eco Studios | Hiring Sales Representatives & Addons Makers

    Eco Studios is a team focused both on commissions and on the marketplace for minecraft, we've been producing content since 2020 and we always prioritize our customers and community, caring for and balancing good relationships and fun in a double dose! Eco Studios is recruiting qualified members...
  4. R

    Zepollo Build Team

    Hello! We are a brand new server with great aspersions and really deep roots in running successful Minecraft servers. We are looking for a build team to help us as we look to go live this week. If you have a team that is interested and or are interested as a single party please reach out we...
  5. joziod12

    need builders {paid}

    hey my name is joe and i am the owner of template build team we are a new build team that will be being payed to build for other people who order are servises and i need builds every type of builders like teraforming landscaping world painters and just normal builders...
  6. CrazyWraith

    Staff for Minecraft Twitch Event!

    FIGHT OR FLIGHT is now looking for volunteer staff members including map builders, moderators and more! Fight Or Flight is a version of Survival Games with teams of three, a coin system, proximity chat, a custom 1.17 map and a ~$125 prize pool for contestants! The event will be streamed live...
  7. CdawgHD

    SkyMines Staff Recruitment (ALL POSITIONS) NA/EU Based.

    Hello MC-Market Community, My name is Trumpet and I am the Network Owner of SkyMines. SkyMines is a minecraft network consisting of Shipwreck, Outbreak and Prison. (Custom Gamemodes) SkyMines is set to release on 7/31/21 and we are currently looking for NA & EU based staff as this server is...
  8. C

    Looking for commissions or a build team!

    Hello! I'm new to this website but I've been building off and on for about 3 years, and I believe I've been getting rather decent at it if I say so myself. I'm interested in looking for paid commissions or potentially simpler unpaid commissions to expand my portfolio. I'd also be highly...
  9. Theweirdman

    Builders For Build Team (Paid)

    Genlix Build Team The Genlix team is recruiting builders like you! Or, if you're looking for builders to hire, go ahead and join the discord too! To apply or hire us, join our discord.
  10. Opto

    XenosBuilds Looking for Management

    XenosBuilds looking for management we will offer a monthly based pay from $20-$30 Monthly and also 7.5% Of all commissions you find DM the CEO Optoculium#8380 Requirements: Had Experience in service teams Find commissions Professional Has marketing strategies Must have a portfolio/resume...
  11. Cut3st

    A Permanent Team of Builders/Beginner Builders/Experienced Builders/Structural/Organics/Terraforming

    We are in need of a permanent team of builders. What I really want is just a couple of kids in maybe Highschool or something. Like how servers have their own volunteer team of builders, thats what we are aiming for hence we are open to beginner builders looking for experience or to expand their...
  12. N

    Seeking Builders

    Seeking a permanent build team (later placed on reserve for further use) each new build will consist of a variety of requests.. none too crazy or elaborate WILLING TO PAY price negotiable upon seeing work and amount of members on your team. You and myself will be directly involved, extremely...
  13. Countdownn

    ( )

    Hello, we are an upcoming Minecraft Rust server in the community and currently looking to make a build team or order any commissions. Builds Needed: - 4 caves (50x50) - 4 cities (100x100) - 1 Spawn (100x100 circular shape) - 1 Farm Area (75x75) - 1 Oil Rig (150x150) - 1 Market Area...
  14. MagmaTeam

    Minecraft Builds & Terrain By Magma Team

    Hi Magma Team here we would like to offer our Building Services Msg For Discord Invite!
  15. Auraside

    ✔ AuraSide | Recruiting Highly Skilled Builders ✔

    Good evening, Today I am looking to recruit a paid build team for our server. We are looking for high skilled builders that have a big range of things they are comfortable building. We are looking for professionalism, a well made portfolio, previous experience and affordable prices. This could...
  16. Aquatic_Rewind

    Senior Builder for MafiaMC

    Hello everyone, I am the Co-Owner/Developer for MafiaMC factions where we've taken a pretty interesting and well developed spin on Factions, combining it with Prisons (Cool right?!). The only problem is we build code to form plugins, not Minecraft blocks to form builds. The best part?! Build for...
  17. steamtm

    Kingdoms of Etheria is in need of Builders!

    Hello everyone, We at Kingdoms of Etheria are looking for a Build Team. This includes a Senior Builder, which would be the leader of the whole team, and five to six regular builders. This server's build style is Germanic Medieval, although it may vary slightly based on the region/project...
  18. BranBoss


    Please only apply if you are genuinely interested, it would save us both time. NOTE: WE ARE MORE THAN HAPPY TO MEET WITH INDIVIDUAL BUILDERS TOO!
  19. alex.

    Looking for builders

    Good evening, I am a build manager on a practice server. We are actively looking for some practice maps builders, hub builders and more. We want builders with experience. The work load will be small it just needs to get done in a reasonable amount of time. Thank You! discord: @alex$#8533
  20. aglerr

    DreamLight's Building Services - Starting at $15.00

    Full portfolio: Website: Check out our premade store on our website too!
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