build thread

  1. oooo

    | Aberon Buildteam | Cheap | Fast | HQ|

    >》OUR PORTFOLIO CAN BE FOUND HERE. 《< EDIT: Contact @Joksey over MCM, he took over the salesmanager job. WEBSITE: New Skype: AberonBT
  2. Eclipsed

    Medieval Factions Spawn | 110x110 HQ

    Hey guys! I just sold a server (OrbitRaids) with a custom spawn made by Lazurecks but they decided a few days ago that they wanted a different spawn so they gave back the rights and spawn map to me. If you need any more verification you can ask down below but i can assure you that in a day or...
  3. Axelie

    Axelie Build Thread Anything you need Always HQ af

    Axelie Build Thread Professional Builder. Info: I usually just build constructions that I want to build, but after years of building, I've ran out of ideas. That's why I'm making this thread. Instead of building something I want, and sell it to you guys, I'd much rather have you tell me what to...
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